Monday, January 9, 2017

Reasons Why He Rather Text You Instead of Talk to You on The Phone

It is amazing how simple one text message from someone you really love or who is special to you can really make your day. Today, texting has rapidly become one of the fastest ways to communicate with someone without pen or paper. 

Of course, the way we read and interpret someone’s true words or intentions through text messages can be a huge downside to texting. If you ever have found yourself questioning why a guy you are interested in rather texts, you then call you more often than here are a few reasons as to why he doesn’t want to hear your voice and rather read your words. 

You bore him with your conversation. 

Texting is more convenient for him. 

You always answer his text messages. 

There is no time for playing phone tag. 

He isn't truly interested in you. 

Talking on the phone with you could possibly be a waste of his time.

You haven't set the record straight from the jump. 


A man is going to be who he is without explaining himself to you. If texting is more of his forte when it comes to quality communication, then you must know. It's best to not wait until you or he has gotten comfortable with texting as the form of communication. 

If you are make texting more convenient for him to communicate with you girl, you have let him slide and now he is figure skating on ice! Understand that texting doesn't work for every friendship or relationship. Speak your mind and always find the time to find better streams of communication.

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