Monday, February 5, 2018

Open Letter | To My Fellow Black Sister

To my fellow black sista; 

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You are appreciated. From the crown that you wear upon your head to the soles of your feet. You're the essence of strength and cultivated beauty. You're spirit dances among and within the culture.

You're skin complexion compliments the sweetness that fills a brewed cup of coffee. You stride is filled with pride and confidence, whenever you're talking. You're bold and resilient.

You're inspiration to many. My sista you are cherished. Don't ever question your reflection. Understand that to someone you are truly a blessing. You're livelihood is unprecedented. For you my sista will be forever celebrated.

Continue to love yourself through the stress and the pain that life may bring. Don't allow the negative views of society shred your soulful presence.

For as your fellow sista we stand connected. We're deep rooted in history from the foundation of our ancestors.

Your fellow sista
Linda B Hurd

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