What’s keeping you from feeling and embodying your definition of sexy and even sex appeal? Well, whatever it may be, you should not allow those excuses to hold you bound to not experiencing a flare of love and romance in your everyday life. 

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What I Learned In May 2021

in , , by Linda B Hurd, May 31, 2021

May was a fascinating and productive month for me. This month forced me to re-evaluate my life, short term goals, and how I talk to myself about myself.

I opened about this very topic on my personal Instagram page in my IG stories. If you would like to follow me over there, then here is the link to direct you. I did not want to go on into a rant about my life as a lonely stay-at-home mom and wife who's also pregnant during this time. I just wanted to open up with my followers and viewers who may not have known that creating genuine “real life” connections with other women is something that I crave. 

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I do not want to be her! That young woman that I used to be. I am determined to be better. I gave her grace, roses, and forgiveness. I treated her with respect. I gave her time to understand her purpose in this lifetime. I will admit there were times that I felt lost when she would question her willingness to move forward. I always knew that she was capable even when others looked and spoke down upon her. 

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