There's no such thing as a perfect love story anyway. There can be a true love story that you can create for yourself first. It's time to take control and step into the spotlight as the main character of your love life. Here are some tips to help you become the leading role in your romantic journey:

They want to overshadow my choices as a single woman, and how I parent, and question my accountability to handling a household on my own. I've come to realize that this life is mine to live, and the choices I make are mine alone to make. 

Being a single woman is a unique and empowering experience. Whether you're single by choice or circumstance. When you are a single woman you can embrace this stage of life with an open mind and heart can lead to a fulfilling and enriching journey. 

It’s alright to be a person who loves love but sometimes avoids the potential of falling into it. I am surely not here to judge you. The idea of dating can be more daunting than the prospect of remaining single.