When I filed for divorce, I did not know how to bounce back from the money I was willing to pay to retain an attorney. All I wanted to do was have legal aid on my side to help me seek justice. I had more money in my savings than in my joint checking account. 

I am willing to attest to my own happiness these days. Its been 6 months since I went through with my separtion from my spouse. If someone had told me that 2022 would be the last chapter of my twenties that brings me closer to many of my goals, I would have asked to look into the crystal ball, my baby! 

 What is the purpose of wearing a bra to feel just as sexy as you should feel naked?

My Mother's Love Is Still Protecting Me

in , , by Linda B Hurd, January 25, 2022

She’s still here. My mama. It makes me so emotional to type this and say it out loud. Growing up, my mama gave me a lot of tough love. I didn’t get many hugs, kisses, or motherly affection. I also didn’t have a father figure in my life and witnessed how it molded my mother mentally and emotionally. After almost 29 years, I still have her, and I’m thankful. Today is her birthday, and by God’s grace, she’s still in good health. When I separated from my spouse last year, my mama had my back.