It is going to be okay, and I know it. In just about another week, I will be seeing my daughter’s precious face, and she will be my second child. I have thought about managing motherhood, being a wife, and college student once she arrives. 

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Hey, there I am so glad you are here! Welcome or welcome back to my blog, She’s Found Strength. My name is Linda, and I talk about all things related to mental health, having a deeper relationship with God, and personal growth with a sprinkle of my very own life in the mix. I am an inspiring LCSW, and on my journey there, I help women become the best possible version of themselves. Today I want to talk about the mid-year reflection.

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I learned a little something in June 2021. I made it through the beginning of my last trimester of pregnancy sain and feeling better than what I did earlier during the month. I decided to create a shortlist of things stuck with me in June rather than just long hand-writing them out. Let's get into what I learned! 

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 You must dream bigger and have stronger faith. I wrote those words down in my journal a few days before making the sound decision that I was going to continue with finishing my associate degree in social science from my local community college.