21 Ways to Live Abundently in 2021

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, January 04, 2021

We have welcomed in 2021 a year of yet again limitless opportunities to partake on. In about a week from now, we will be about halfway through the first month of the New Year. If you're like me, you may be wanting to put those procrastinating ways behind you and give in to your ambition to tackle the mountain of resolutions or goals ahead of you.

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4 Things I Did for Christmas Eve 2020

in , by Linda B Hurd, December 24, 2020
I just felt compelled today to do whatever I needed to do to feel comfortable going on into Christmas Day and New Years'. Yesterday, being the day before Christmas Eve, I found myself doing my hair and styling it into a bouncy drawstring ponytail. Sadly, the ponytail that I thought would have made it to at least the night did not make it to this morning.

When I decided to re-admit myself back into college after filling out financial aid for the fall semester of 2019, I didn’t know how it would turn out for me. I was nervous and felt a little intimated by my online college courses. 

There a few things that I want for Christmas that money can not buy. I wanted to create this list because we can carelessly overlook the non-materialist things in life for many of us. There has been a lot of talk about obtaining designer bags, shoes, and clothing from celebrities and little to no talk about obtaining happiness outside of those things on social media.