Choosing Me Is No Longer The Hard Part

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, January 07, 2022

Healing from the trauma, my eight-year marriage caused me left me some nights of tear-stained pillows. I cried at 12am New Year Day as I heard fireworks go off from my hotel room. Eli and Alina were asleep in bed as I stood with the window slightly opened, holding onto one of the cream beige curtains. I made it to 2022 without him physically with or around me. Him being my husband. After spending damn near 9 years of welcoming in the New Year with him, 

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Book an Uber and go! That's what I've been doing with my children. I have been taking my kids with me to see the city and have fun more than my spouse ever did. Before I had Alina, I was stuck inside with Eli throughout the week. The furthest I would go with my son was around the neighborhood blocks we lived in while he rode his bike on the sidewalk. 

I Am Scared But I Am Still Trusting God

in , , by Linda B Hurd, December 26, 2021

As you read this, I am still in a hotel room in Baton Rouge. It's almost 10pm. Both Eli and Alina have been resting peacefully for about two hours. I have watched a Netflix movie, showered, and practiced some self-care. Today was a smooth day. I remained inside with the kids all day and have plans on getting out and about tomorrow. 

First Christmas Without The Narc

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The morning was calm and was brought in with smiles from both my children. My alarm on my phone went off at 6am, and I immediately thanked God for a new day. I sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" to my children before heading into the kitchen to make us breakfast. I was at peace this Christmas.