I have been going through the motions of the sudden difficulties of life. Days were both my husband and I are struggling to make ends meet. Ramen noodles, oatmeal, red beans and rice, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been on rotation for the past few weeks in are apartment. Uplifting smiles from our baby boy have been keeping us hopeful. It's been tough living pay check to pay check. We have more bills than money right now, but we still smiling.

We are uncomfortable where we are at right now. I believe that God is preparing us for something greater soon. For most people, once they start feeling like they are losing a grasp onto reality they start to doubt the process that God is trying to bring them through. The problem with those types of situations to me is that you can never just walk alone.

There comes a yearning for motivation, inspiration, and empowerment to help someone get through those tough times. For Christian walk is not cakewalk. The bible says that God does not afflict His children willingly (Lamentations 3:33). He won't bring you to face the pain and frustrations of life without seeing you through!

God has created such a discomfort in me to desire a deeper kind of change. A change within my mind, heart, and spirit. He wants me to grow a more intimate relationship with Him. He wants for my husband to feel the same way too. Therefore, I know there had to be a change within our day to day lives.

God has truly given me strength and courage to walk by faith and not by sight. Even though my situation doesn't look good it is working out for the good. Things in my everyday life won't always be like this, and I must keep the faith. I must be encouraged through my shortcomings and uplifted through my downfalls.

Remember that if God is taking you through a difficult season or through and pain and suffering and you see no purpose in it; set yourself apart and press towards Jesus!  Lay your burdens down on the altar before Him. You must know that God is in control.

God is revealing more of who He is and what He can do each day. Look at it like this; God’s work has your attention and He's waiting to see your next move. Will that next move be towards Him? 

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  1. The color of your blog is quite great. i would love to have those colors too on my blog.:*— Anxiety

  2. I wasn't raised Christan my Mother was a wiccan prestist I have spiritual gifts . I was always taught my gifts were bad and that I should not pay attention to them. But as of now I have had no choice but to develop them. I am confused though, because i was told I needed to be in church, I tried to go and had strange things happen to the couple that brought me. So this made me stay home and away from everyone. I feel I am ment for something powerful but I guess from all my years of denying me I have lost my way. What can I do and why now.