About Me

Born and raised in southeast Louisiana, Linda Hurd always had her own unique bubbly flair of southern hospitality.  

In the year 2016, Linda launched her very first personal blog that she called She's Found Strength. She was fueled by her passion and love for self-expression. She created her blog to not only share her life with the world but to also help other women of all ages to discover their very own voice.

Linda is determined to keep sharing her story with the world. She's an inspiring author, speaker, and well-respected natural hair product reviewer on YouTube.

Every day is not promised. Discovering your inner strength to push through the darkest days can be. Follow my journey and be inspired to embrace yours.

When Linda is not blogging or creating YouTube content she is possibly spending quality time with her family, reading books, or even creating her own empire.

Reach out to lindapatrick1993@gmail.com to connect