As we all know it is very common for couples in general to have disagreements. If you are in a relationship or married to your spouse, chances are biting your tongue when you want to have the last word during an argument can be difficult. I can honestly tell you that finding the right words to say don't have to be daunting. Here are 5 thing that you can say to your husband whenever your marriage is going through a storm....

Baby, I am sorry...

I truly understand how difficult it can be as women to admit to your husband that you were in the wrong. But, admitting that you were wrong does not have to leave you feeling like you were defended in an argument or fight. When you apologize say it, because you really mean it. Don't hold back from being one step closer to creating peace with your spouse.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? And what I need to work at?

Now, don't start thinking that I am going crazy or that I am crazy. To be honest these two questions stringed together, make a sit down conversation starter. 

Is there anything that I can do to take the burden off?

Show him that you truly want to work towards helping him feel better as well as the situation.

No, matter how rough things get, I am here to help.

Become and stay a strong support system to your man. Let him know that you are willing to work through the pain with a resolution. 

We can make it through this together. 


Let's talk to God together and pray about this. 

This is only five things that I thought would be a few ways to building a road to a healthier way to communicate with your spouse instead of the back and forth yelling. Find a common ground and a quiet space. Be strong and stay fighting the good fight of faith. 

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