The victim (name withheld) is a young 22 year old woman. I was told her story over this past weekend; by a love-one who is was very close to her and as well as her father. The love-one also gave the confirmation, that I can share her story with the world. Today, I am going to not only tell some of her story that I was told, but as well give the young woman my advice...

I truly believe that this young woman's story was so heart felt to me. Here goes my advice and summarized story, 

Being in highschool trying to fit in with the cool girls can be a bring you a reality check pretty fast. She soon realize that she probably wasn't that "popular girl" that everyone can't stop talking about or trying to copy. When she went home, she stared at herself in her bathroom mirror and analyze her face then her body. Thoughts start to run across her mind about ways to change her hair that never seemed to grow longer than her cousins, her acne prone skin, bifocal glasses, and her entire body image. It was already enough to deal with alone. She also didn't have her biological mother around and was being raised by her biological father and her step-mother.
Her mother choosed the streets and doing hard-core drugs. The deadly combination of both became her choice of an escape to not be able raise her.

  She didn't judge her mother's want for a high that she inspired to chase. 

There were days that she often blamed her father for her mother's choices, but never found it in her heart to say it. Deep within her heart she just wanted to be accepted. She wanted the attention that her stepmother didn't give her. She wanted the attention that her father gave his job as a captain. But, within years of yearning for that attention from her father she finally started getting it at school before he came into the picture. 

Things started to change when she realized that all she had to do was change. She started changing her look and her talk. Going and even the thought of staying home after school was no longer an option. She wanted to see the streets, the boys, and make friends with the IT girls. The IT girls of her neighborhood. Who would have knew that just by simply wearing a pair of skin tight Dicky pants, a fresh new pair of Sparry's, and lips coated with beauty supply store lip gloss, was indeed her ticket

The ticket to attention that reinvented her. 

There she was skipping classes her sophomore year and getting treated to lunch by senior guys weekly. Education was no longer an assect to what she wanted to accomplish. Her virginity was gone and she felt like a woman. A woman who had the boys wrapped around her manicured finger. Taking girl's boyfriends and having casual sex was exciting to her. She was officially a badass in her classes.

Cursing out teachers, popping gum during lectures, and charging her phone whenever she felt like it was her kryptonite. Freshmen girls admired her strut down the hallways. They wondered who she was. 

But, even she didn't know who she was was or who she was becoming.

She laughed whenever she would get called to the principal's office during her classes. Her step-mother no longer knew how to control her. She was not only setting bad examples for her siblings, but heading down a path of destruction. Her stepmother decided to allow her father to step in and handle her. 

His daughter was becoming more or a woman to him over night. He blamed being on a street drug called 'molly' for the reason why he had sex with his very own daughter with a condom. He lied to his wife the night he committed the act and told her he was simply taking his teenage daughter to a local strip club. By taking her to a strip club (he claimed) she was going to be able to see how hard life was going to be for her if she kept doing what she was doing. 

He actually took his daughter to a hotel and preformed oral sex on her and made her do the same on him. He took her low-self-esteem during this time and made her his wife for a night. What made this story more heart breaking and mind boggling for me, was that he returned back home with his shaken and broken daughter he had sex with his wife as if nothing even happened.  

Her father is now locked up for the next 15 years. This story happened a few years ago. Since then, the victim has moved from Louisiana to Mississippi, and is living with her biological mother. It has not been said if her mother is still on drugs. The victim also dropped out of highschool months after what happened with her father. 

My advice to her: 
I can only imagine how difficult your life was and how it still probably is. I want for you to embrace your struggle. Do not allow your days to be muggy. Live for your worth and your passion. Smile without feeling down on the inside. You are beautiful. Accepted the past and let go of that pain. I know you still have it harvested somewhere within your spirit that is keeping you from being great. You are worth being loved and being happy. Your story (the bit) I was told was heartbreaking and moved me to tell not only you but other people that have went through the same thing (or going through it right now that self-acceptance is key.)

Whether or not you believe in God, I want you to know that you were created with a purpose and for a purpose. God does not judge and for it says in 

Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. 
Hold fast to your self-worth. Understand that your self-confidence isn't increased by seeking for a man to love you or to have sex with you. Forgiveness will help mend the bottled up emotions that you couldn't speak upon. I love you. I pray that you will find forgiveness in your heart for your father. I pray that you love yourself. Do not allow a man to take advantage of your temple. Discover your inner strength to leave the past in the past. You are strong, confident, and worth loving! 

Keep God First In Your Life In Your Life & Everything That You Do, The Results Shall Follow. 

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