You just can't say, "No." You are in love and truly don't want to get in a petty argument for stating how you truly feel. You want to express your true feelings without any regret. If you feel like things will hit the fan if you tell him, 'no' then you are probably allowing him to have too much power over you. He secretly controls you. Hopefully, it isn't too late to regain your respect. Here are five signs of why men are walking all over you...

1. You are all bark and no bite. 

You probably talk a good game, but can't back it up. Once a man sees that he can tune you out whenever you are talking all your sh*t about how you are so fed up and (blah, blah blaaah.) He will brush off your anger and still get you to do whenever he needs or wants from you. You need to stand firm in your words and beliefs! 

2. You are a sucker for love. 

Of course, you have heard the saying before. You are floating away on cloud nine in love and don't want to experience life alone. You would do anything to keep him happy and to stay on good terms.

3. You allow him to find fault in your actions. 

He questions your every action like you going to the nail shop, buying new clothes, going out with your friends, or you saving money monthly. He sees everything that is good for you as negative reasons to why you want to treat yourself and invest in yourself. You allow him to belittle you, because of his very own insecurities. 

4. You allow disrespect 

He talks to you like he is talking down to you. You allow him to call you nasty names because you are scared of his raging anger. He threatens you by taking things away from you, placing his hands on you, or even in talking down to you in front of other people. 

He doesn't care about your tears. He doesn't care about the thoughts you aren't bold enough to act on. You deserve someone who will love you and respect every essence of you!

5. You are a "Yes" girl!

The word "no" is not a board part of your vocabulary. In fact, it doesn't matter what time of day it is or what he demands and asks for you are going to say "yes." You know that deep down somewhere in your heart you want to tell him "hell no", but you don't have the inner strength to speak up for yourself. You place your needs on hold to cater to him. It's time to take control of the outspoken and strong woman that you are scared to become and accept! 

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