A week ago, from today I was frustrated and feeling like I was just going nowhere in life. Even though, I was feeling like shit; I was still smiling. I was still smiling because I knew a change was about to happen.

There was no more need to complain about my part-time job that was often times two days out of the week works pay. There was a feeling of comfort in my soul even though my husband and I were bumping heads over finances.

I started to go to God more and more in prayer. The only person that I had to talk to about my life was my little sister, and I didn't want to burden her with my worry. She had her own issues to cope with like everyone else. I started to think about the things that I had previously asked God for during prayer and it all started to make sense.

I was praying more than I did the month before, and prayer was becoming a part of me. As of today daily prayer morning, noon, and night is a routine. It helps to keep me sane. But, anyway, back to what I had asked Jesus for that he had answered. and I was clearly ignoring:

  • Peace of mind. 
  • More time to spend in the spirit with Him.
  • Fewer distractions.
  • Patience. 
Those were the four things that I was asking God to do for me. Within days of praying, I lost a few people that I thought were my friends. I started having a decrease of hours at my job. I was no longer complaining about my job to my co-workers. The thoughts of my bills no longer troubled me. I had received a phone call and email confirming that I had landed a new job/career.

When I tell you, sometimes we can be so blinded by our current issues that we wouldn't see how Jesus is already working things out for us! I asked for peace of mind and within almost a week the things that I use to stress about like my job, money, work hours, and even friendships (Jesus stepped in and changed it.) As a matter of fact, I allowed Him to work in my life. I didn't want to take on the frustrations any more! I said, "Have your way, Jesus!"

Take time to answer these three questions either mentally or on paper: 

Have you learned to let go of whatever is hindering you from your blessings? 

Do you love and believe in yourself enough to step out on faith?

Are you blocking God from working miracles in your life by trying to be your own God?

Be mindful of what you are placing your frustrations in. Are you constantly complaining about how much you dislike or hate your current job? If you are here are three options for you:

Quit your job! If you can't stand it that damn much then quit it altogether. No one is making you stay there and work. It is your choice to have that paycheck.

Find another job. I always job search on Indeed.com and search around my city for jobs. You don't have to quit until you already have your foot in the door at another company. 

Shut Up and Suck It Up. Let's be real here! Warning if you can't handle the truth then this isn't for you. You are some way and in some form attached to the job or company that you work for, and possibly low-key love your job. 

You are probably just acting out from your emotions and will end up staying at your job in the long run. No one wants to hear the complaining. Do you ever take the time to listen to yourself talk or nag? Let it go and make your money. Don't complain about your job just to start the conversation.

Take this time to also understand that everything that is happening in your life is for you to get better and not to you. Understand that life isn't bullying you and neither is your reality. You can embrace any change that you want to see happen. Do you want a change to happen? If so stop being mad about your reality if you are and make a positive change today!

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