As women we sometimes find ourselves wanting to reach out for our man's wallet instead of using our own money more than just a few times during the week. It then depending on him for his money becomes daily action. It probably starts to feel weird when we use our own money instead of his. I just want you to know that going back to learning how to budget and save your own money will keep you from becoming dependent on his wallet. Here are a few damn good reasons why you should have your own money. 

1. You Do Not Need A Man To Buy You The Things You Know You Need & Want

Are you annoyed with not being able to treat yourself to a spa day or a well-needed trip to a hairstylist? Do you sometimes get mad when your spouse places you on a budget, so you don't over spend his money? If you answered yes, to any of these two questions then it is time for you to start becoming more independent for your well-being. You are grown enough to not be constantly asking for his wallet and having your own money. 

2. You Will Become Financially Independent 

You will never expereince the joy of seeing what you spend majority of your money on if you never use your own money. Becoming financially independent will make you be more comfortable with spending your own money. 

3. Life Happens 

When I say that life happens I am keeping it in a broad perspective. What if you and him end up on bad terms, break-up, divorce he loses his job, or even goes to jail? What money will you have to keep you afloat for more than six months? Always keep two to three stashes of money. Take time out to get a savings account with a bank and develop a personal stash with cash. You don't ever want to end up suffering for being too dependent on his money.

4.  The Feeling And Comfort Of Being Able To Take Care Of Yourself

You know that you want to experience being able to 'get shit done yourself!' You are a woman who can work and hustle without him teaching you. The feeling and comfort of being able to take care of yourself will make smile. 

5. You Can Treat Him As Well As Others

You are in full control of picking a choosing gifts out for others while sticking to your budget. You can possibly buy him a new pair of kicks, cologne, or tickets to a basketball game. It will feel amazing to see the look of surprise on his face once you surprise him with a gift from time to time. 

6. Having Your Own Money & Spending It How You Like Builds Your Self-Confidence

The freedom of being financially independent will build your self-esteem. You deserve to feel confident being a woman who's not totally dependent on her man. It's time to celebrate your self-worth! 

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