There I was at one of the three cash registers with one of my co-workers on the side of me taking a guest. The line was growing longer with every customer that was checked out. I looked down at the bottom of my register's screen and the time displayed 5:55pm. "Can I take the next guest?" I asked as I pursed my lips together and positioned my scanner to start ringing up items....

I made contact with the guest and she looked to be in her early thirties with dark brown hair. Her smile was radiant and her piercing dark brown eyes were friendly. As we shared a few words she asked me, "Linda, do you know that you are worth so much more than this place?" 

I smiled, but was being mentally taken back from her comment. As I finished ringing up her items and read her the total, I said, "Yeah, I guess."

She said, "No, are you sure?"

I was confused and was feeling a bit uncomfortable by her question. I answered her again and said, "Yes, I know my worth."

She smiled and looked back at the line that was now to the glass doors and said, "Well, don't waste your worth or that beautiful smile here, and take care," 

Here words stuck to me. I didn't feel insulted. I felt like I was limiting myself to just a weekly paycheck that was hardly helping me get by, a job that was sending me home frustrated, and a job where I sometimes faked my happiness. After having that conversation with that customer was life changing. It sparked something in me for the remainder of that day. 

Then a few days later one of my co-workers told me about applying for a bank teller job. I instantly thought, "My dumb-ass will not ever get hired to work at somebody's bank. I suck at math to the third degree." (I am my own biggest critic, so sue me.) 

My co-worker looked at me and said as if she read my thoughts, "Linda, you have a beautiful personality. Working at a bank will fit you. Plus, you won't have to worry about this stuff that we go through over here on a weekly basis. The bank will pay you more and you will be respected." 

I just knew that she was delivering me my truth and giving me the necessary push that I needed to fill out the job application online. I told her that I wasn't sure I was even going to do well on the application part at all. I decided to trade in my negative talk for better actions. The next day, I went on and I found the job that she told me about. I sucked up my fears of never hearing back from them and applied.

Within a week later, I was emailed and was asked if I would love to set up a phone interview. I was soooooo excited baaaby! I just knew that I had the new job in the bag. 

That week of passing my first phone interview things at my job didn't bother me as much. I was carefree as ever. I was praying to Jesus to ease my troubled mind and HE did just that. 

You see when Jesus sees and knows that the time is right to create a positive change in your life HE shall do it. However, don't expect for Jesus to pour down blessings just because you hate your job and you 'think' that you deserve a new one.

Jesus will only bless you with certain blessings when HE see and know that you are ready for them. Don't get upset with HIS timing. Appreciate what HE is holding you back from, because you aren't quite yet ready for it. 

To sum up my story and to make it short, moving on isn't always bittersweet. There will be moments when you will move on swiftly and with grace to win the next race. You will be excited to move forward with no thoughts of what could possibly hold you back. Believe me when I tell you; that there have been people who have truly judge me for working at a gas station for over a year. People that have thought that I wouldn't really amount to nothing just because I didn't quit and found another job. All I have to say to those people is that I am not my job. I have a passion and I will always have a dream. 

Every job that Jesus shall bless me with will not keep me from away from my day dream. I have the soul of an author. I will be an entrepreneur and a successful black national selling author. One day and I am in no rush to sell books. Just becuase, I may seem basic to so many folks, now it's truly okay. The hustling, the grinding, and the stories that I am creating now will pave my way for my thirties. Mark my words. My message to you, is to don't get down on yourself. Don't settle at any job. Explore other opportunities and embrace change. You never know what you are truly worth until you give yourself a mental shampoo and let the negative energy go.

Moving on isn't always bittersweet; moving on is what you make it to be. 

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