4 Apps Every Woman Needs To Have On Her Phone

in , by Linda B Hurd, September 17, 2016
If you love downloading apps that are useful no matter if you are Apple or Android user then I truly think that you will love my 4 favorite apps! These 4 apps have changed my life for the better. I am sure that you will want to download them all!

(Available for both Apple & Android users) 

Elevate is a personal brain training app that helps you improve your focus, comprehension, and more! I have been using the elevate app for over one year and I believe that everyone who loves to keep their brain and skills fresh, should download this app. Since, using this app, my math skills have improved drastically and I am more confident when it comes to spelling words too! Give this app a download and reap the amazing benefits from using it!

(Available for Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store) 

Bliss is positive psychology app that helps you become happier, successful, charismatic, and to live a more fulfilling life. You can even download Bliss to your Mozilla Fox browser too and use it weekly. Bliss is basically your online gratitude journal to really sum it up. I discovered Bliss on my Android tablet earlier this year and within just two weeks my mind-frame was truly more optimistic. If you want to download an app to help you really get refreshed about life and more uplifted then this app is truly for you!

Pray With Me 

(Available for both Apple & Android users) 

Pray With Me is an amazing app to share your pray request with other passionate lovers of Christ. I love that you can simply type in your prayer requests and prayer warriors all over the world can pray for you! This app is truly encouraging and life changing. You can also reach out to other Christians in your area and set up prayer meetings, join faith based groups, and even get personal advice on anything that could be or is troubling you.


(Available for both Apple & Android users)

Glow is an app that I use to track my ovulation, fertility, period, and health! As a woman I truly understand how important it is to be spot on with your menstrual cycle and when you are fertile! I love that you can also join discussions and start them in any chosen category on the site. This app has a ton of valuable information that you won't find anywhere else! Download the Glow app and start glowing from the inside on out!

I hope that you do check out these apps! Let me know in the comment box below which one is your favorite or if there are any apps you want me to take a look at, that you have download! 

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