I truly understand what it feels like to have a broken heart after a break-up. The time that you placed into loving someone that didn't last a lifetime. The forever that you thought you both could have shared together that dissipated with time. Discovering a new flame while dating does not have to be a lonely mission. Here are my tips for dating after a break-up or divorce...

Fall back in love with the essence of you. 

Have you been truly taking time out to love yourself after the pain you endured? Are you taking the necessary steps to get back your identity? I asked these questions because often times after break-ups and divorces we lose pieces of our selves.

We sometimes become intertwined with who we use to be when we fell in love with our past lover. With time as women, we evolve into a woman that we never knew we could have been. I want to challenge you to pamper yourself! 

Do not allow that break-up or divorce to make you bitter or selfish. Remind your damn self how amazing or a woman you are every day. Take the time to get even closer to God while you sort things out in life. 

Be optimistic and don't take every man serious (right away.)

When I say to be optimistic I really would love for you to keep your mind and heart open to experiencing new opportunities. You shouldn't be already thinking of finding a better man and getting hitched within another year. Go with the flow!

Don't be so set on trusting every man that you start to date, because he seems truthful. Allow any man that you date to PROVE HIMSELF to you, that way you won't be in your feelings from assuming that he was such an amazing guy when he was only after one thing! 

Revamp your closet, accessories, and even your hair. 

You finally have a chance to revamp everything that he once loved about you or on you! If you want to stack some extra cash to the side for revamping your entire look, then go for it! Take on life with a different approach! 

You can even treat your child or children out for a really nice dinner or dessert once a month too! Plus, your hair can really define a lot about you just from the naked eye. You can go bold with your hair by, add highlights, a fresh cut, or even experiment with weaves and clip-ins. 

Throw away old lingerie and even treat yourself to a new set!

New lingerie that feels and fits like a glove can really make you feel very sexy! You don't even need to buy lingerie, because you are dating again. Buy new lingerie for the thrill and the feel. You should not want to dwell on lingerie that you once use to wear for your ex. Throw that away along with the memories that were shared while wearing them. Go, head girl, you are really stepping things up! 

Read uplifting bible verses, quotes, or books! 

During this time staying encouraged and prayed up is truly one of the best-undigested medicine that is out! Find yourself a few uplifting bible verses or even scriptures to keep your heart uplifted. There are also tons of quotes and books to also mentally feast on while you are bouncing back from your breakup or divorce too! 

Hopefully, you found these 5 ways helpful and insightful! Share your favorite way in the comments below and also tell us why!

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  1. the best tips out there, but all I would say is even after reading many tips, it does not help a person going through a breakup a it is not easy to leave the past behind, it takes time.