What To Do When A Male Co-Worker Has A Thing For Me

by Linda B Hurd, September 12, 2016
Flirting in the workplace can happen and when it does it's time to really self-elevate your self. You don't want to put your job on the line and end up terminated, because of what you thought was harmless flirting. Here goes my tips and advice to keep in mind when a male co-worker just can't seem to stop flirting with you in the workplace.

Don't Get Your MEAT Where You Get Your BREAD

Don't flirt around and start testing the dating waters at your job. You may think that it's cute to have a man at your job interested in you, but don't let it gas you. Keep your love life and love interests away and out of the work place. What you think is innocent flirting may lead you into trouble with other female coworkers, your boss, and even cost you that pay check that you bust your ass for. For him this idiom can be, "Don't dip your PEN in company INK." 

Don't Be & Stop Being Easily Entertained

You may be a sucker for a good laugh or sarcastic comments, but when it comes to flirting in the work place with a man, please stop being easily entertained. Understand and remember the real reasons why you are employed there and the bills you have to pay or even the life that you are trying to provide for your child or children. Stop blushing every time he says something funny or brushes himself against you. Be a grown woman that knows how to handle herself in the workplace and while clocking those coins.

Dress Nice For You & Not Him 

I understand that he always is looking at you and smiling in your face. You don't have to wake up and get fly for work to impress him. Dress nice and look fly for your own sake and not for his ass. If you want to wear makeup or a more fitting pair of pants, then don't do it to get his attention! He will notice that you are going out of your way to impress him and that he can make the next move. Be smart about how you present yourself and don't look thirsty for attention.

Don't Follow Or Stalk Him On Social Media

Keeping your distance not only in the work place, but outside of the work place is also a task to get accomplish. Don't try to look him up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Once he knows he has your attention he will do anything to keep your mind going about him. Therefore, don't ask any questions about his social media platforms and keep conversations about work only.

He Possibly Isn't Getting The Attention That He Gets From You From His Wife Or Girlfriend. 

When he gets to work he transforms into this ideal boyfriend or husband material, because he could possibly be feeling neglected by his spouse. He loves fresh eyes and smiles from other woman to keep him thinking that he still has what it take to pull women. The last thing you need is to get yourself involved with a man who only wants to entertain you during shift hours in your life. Realize that you deserve to keep your reputation solid at your job.

He Has Someone And You Have Someone Too 

If you do end up talking to this guy you are flirting with at your job and you find out that he is in a relationship or married and you are to, then it's best to not peruse him! If you want to keep your damn sanity leave him alone and keep your relationship with your spouse tight. Your spouse will eventually catch on to your ways if you start talking to this guy and things can end up horrible for you both. On the same note you don't want for his wife or girlfriend to come to the workplace and call your hands out or vice versa with your lover.

Don't Flirt With Him for Promotion within the Company

Advancement is a beautiful thing, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Do Not flirt with any man in the work place just to get a promotion within the company. Your choices will hunt and eat at your mental. Know and understand that you are worth so much more than just being that girl who flirts or gives sexual favors in exchange for promotion.

I hope you find this advice helpful! If you are someone or if you are going through this currently stay strong and don't fold under pressure. Share your experiences in the comment box below if you want to share your own advice or story too!

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