I wanted to give you all a little advice on getting hit on by your Uber or Lyft driver. Allow me to clarify that I am married and I am not saying that you should use either Uber or Lyft for dating purposes. I truly believe that your trip with your Uber or Lyft driver can be really insightful only if conversation exists during the time span of you going from point A to point B. Here goes my tips and reasons for what to do and could there be something more...

If your driver can't stop trying to make eye contact with you then make conversation. 

If you are a woman and your Lyft driver looks to be a man around your age he may be intrigued by your beauty. I don't know about you, but I can feel when someone is staring me down. My face or my body would get really warm and I know someone has been staring at me for quite a while. If you find that he keeps looking at you, start some conversation with him to ease the tension that may arise. You have to remember that they are really cautious during the trip just like you. 

Uber and Lyft Drivers Meet New People Every day So You May Never See Him or Her Again

This is something to remember if you have been suddenly getting picked up by the same driver for weeks. If you think that there might be a spark of interested then allow your truth to be known. Some drivers would possibly give you their number if they are really comfortable driving you around to keep. If he or she is constantly making you smile or laugh then let them know that you appreciate them for being friendly too.

If He Compliments Your Profile Photo, Looks, or Scent Then He May Be Flirting 

Having a profile photo on your Uber or Lyft is also a sure way to allow your driver the comfort of knowing who they are picking up before they decided to accept your ride. If you get into their car and they compliment your profile pic, your look for the day, or even your perfume then they just maybe flirting with you. Just have a little conversation with them to see where their mind frame is. 

They Possibly Know Amazing Areas You Should Visit Or Restaurants 

They are a tourist in their own city and they learn about places they possibly would love to visit. This is also a great conversation to spark if you want to learn more about the area. They may even suggest to you a few places that will excite you. Who knows y'all may end up going there together! 

Don't Get Too Excited Because Your Driver Is Flirting With You

Your driver may be a married man, have kids at home, and or is in a committed relationship and just does Uber or Lyft for extra money on the side. Don't allow their flirtatious ways to butter you up and press you into slipping them your number or even taking down theirs's. Some men and women drivers get thrills out of flirting with their passengers, so don't be weak-minded and keep your guard up.

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