I fell in love with Naturi Naughton's character Tasha St. Patrick from the Starz hit series POWER. I think that a lot of viewers can feel the inner strength and resilience in her character. Tasha also forgets to value herself, and places too much of her time and focus on her husband James. There were also so many life lessons that you could apply to your very own life from Power, as well. Here are 5 life tips that I learned from Tasha St. Patrick from Power.

Don't ever lose focus on your damn self for any man.

While watching Power from season one through three every viewer learns how much Tasha sacrifices for Ghost. Even after her husband left her for Angela, he was still one of her main focuses. Tasha focuses too much on her marriage to Ghost then herself. I believe that even Naturi feels the same way about her character's traits; read here to see why.

Always keep your eyes on the prize, no matter the cost 

I learned from Tasha that you have to stay focused on what really matters to you the most. If you have to make sacrifices in life to keep pushing towards your future, you just will have to do that. Tasha kept her eyes on the prize of maintaining a lifestyle with or without her husband by her side. She didn't let being hurt or denied hold her back from finding a breakthrough for better.

You have to think ahead and not let anyone or anything blur your vision. 

We learn that Tasha wanted to see Ghost happy and to also protect what they built from their street connects. Once Ghost fell back madly in love with Angela, she told her him to keep f*#king that b*#ch until she tells him to stop. She knew that if she wouldn't have a plan and goals to keep achieving then everything that Ghost and Tommy made would have gone into shambles. Tasha also thought ahead about what was best for her freedom and her kid's lives as well. I am not saying that Tasha was doing what was right. I am saying that she was still playing for keeps!

You cant' blame anyone for your shortcomings. You just have to keep your head up.

There were times during the three seasons that Tasha blamed Ghost for not making her happy or keeping her satisfied. She argued with her mother about leaving her husband, because she felt as if the love was no longer there. It took for Tasha to go through so much self-discovery to help keep her mentally stable. Even when she started hiding money from her husband it still didn't bring her the security and stability she was looking for. She had to branch off from her fears and get shit popping! 

Having luxury items still doesn't validate your inner happiness or self-esteem. 

Tasha made it clear that even though she had countless luxury items from her husband that it really didn't mean nothing to her. What met more to her then luxury items was having her husband's attention, affection, and time. It did not keep her happy or boosted her self-esteem.

What did you learn from Tasha's character on Power? I would love to know your thoughts. Did you think that she discovered her inner strength?

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