If you value your self-worth and your peace of mind then it can truly get you through a lot of tough times. Being in love can sometimes leave you blinded if you don’t realize the reality before you. There have been so many women who have told me that they feel trapped in a relationship that they feel is going nowhere. They see no future with their current partner and they are scared to keep things the same in their relationships. I truly understand their frustrations and their desire to want better from their current relationship. I decided to give them and any other women in the world who need my advice on what to do when you feel like you cannot build a future with your spouse.

Understand why you are feeling the way that you are feeling.

Ask yourself these four questions:

Have you been comparing your relationship or marriage to another couple?

Have you been imagining life without your spouse?

Do you feel like you both are growing apart?

Do you remember what brought you two together? 

From answering these four questions honestly without lying to yourself then you should have some sort of a clue of what conjured up your feelings in the first place. Comparing, imagining, experiencing, and reminiscing are all four ways that can lead you to making a decision that can possibly be eye opening and life changing. I want you to be careful when making decisions based on any four of these traits as well. 

Start creating a rainy-day-fund. 

If you don’t see yourself leaving your spouse, because of possible financial woes then start a rainy-day-fund. This will be a stash for you to put money into more than twice a month. Your rainy day stash should be able to cover your expenses and bills for up to one year. I believe that starting a rainy day fund should not be a task to hassle with. Get a savings account with a new bank and start stashing that money away that is going to help you get three steps closer to your future goals. You can even have money withdrawn from your direct deposit too. It’s sometimes better to not see the money then to see what’s accumulating over time. 

Talk it out, work it out, or separate. 

Have a sit down with your spouse and let them know how you truly feel. Let them know how long you have been feeling the way that you do. Go out to dinner and try to work things out. Don't ever stop trying to find a common ground in your relationship. If things get the the level of separation, just know that you tried and put in the effort to mend things. 

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