I wanted to share with you all what has been going on in my life for the past month of October. I am very excited to finally say that my husband and I will finally be moving. It may not sound like a huge deal to some folks, however, if they were going through the hardships, that we have been facing at our apartment complex then they would understand our excitement. By next week we shall be in our new apartment! The feeling of finally settling into a better space for me and my husband to continue to grow is refreshing. 

When God blesses you with the opportunity to have and to do better then take it! Don't sit back and try to push the timing back or question if the time is right! You have to know that God makes no mistakes with his timing! For example my husband and I were both working jobs that were hardly helping us pay the damn bills just four months ago. God blessed us with new jobs four months ago to change our situation. Not only taking on new jobs changed our situation, but our new jobs also made us more confident and prepared for bigger and better. After working our new jobs for these past four months we realized that it was time for us to move out of our current apartment that we moved it for the very first time three years ago!

Yes, three years ago we moved from out of his mother's house penny pinching it with minimum wage jobs with dreams of having our very own place. By the grace of God we sure did do it. After being married for now two years and 10 months we understand our value and we value patience. It takes growth to understand who and where you once started out. This month God spoke to me and told you both can do it! 

I was out for a morning walk when He spoke to me. During that week, my husband and I had a sit-down and talked about moving out. He had his doubts and I was very optimistic. I told him to don't doubt what God has in store for us.

 We prayed and gave it to God and went to sleep. 

The following next two days I went to view two apartments and really loved one more than the other. I took a video and showed my husband the video clips of the apartment tour. He really liked what he saw too. Later that night, we headed off to get the money orders and let's just say by the end of the week we were approved for the apartment. One week from today we shall be moving and I am very excited. Of course, my landlord already has my 30-day moving notice and no bridges have been burned during this process. I will update you all on our progress throughout this year. Thank you so much for reading. Remember to step out on faith no matter the situation or circumstance. 

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