My Boss Asked Me To Resign Yesterday

in , , , by Linda B Hurd, October 27, 2016
If you guys, have been following my journey to discovering my inner strength you would know that growth involves an evolution. I started my current job as a bank teller about three months ago. I was thankful and was embracing the change that came with it. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to my old co-workers, but I was ready for another job. These last three months of being a bank teller has truly been filled with a lot of anxiety, excitement, and tears of both joy and sadness. I was mentally beating myself up in the month of August feeling as if I made a mistake with taking on my new job. However, being blessed with a new job opportunity didn't ashamed of my new job title as a bank teller. Allow me to explain.

Yesterday, I prayed before going to work, which is what I really love to do. I prayed to God asking for Him to reveal any and things and people that you want me to understand, know, and comprehended. I prayed around 7am that morning and made it into work for 9:00am. After being at work for a few hours 11am came and then my branch manager wanted to speak with me. I knew then that it wasn't anything good. Both of my boss and branch manager told me that they don't think that being a bank teller is for me. I was just shocked and hurt. I didn't understand how could they wait three months into me working as a bank teller to tell me, that I'm not fit for the damn job?

They told me that my anxiety and nervousness is too much and it makes the customers have unpleasant experiences with me. Now we were only 2-3 minutes into the meeting and I was crying and feeling like a freaking failure. Just thinking about how they asked me to rethink working for them really was insulting! I knew that they had no faith or confidence in me when it comes to being a bank teller. They have no intentions of motivating me to keep striving, and it is okay!

You see what I learned from my bosses basically telling me to resign before I make a huge mess up with a customer's account and they fire me is that, life will go on! Everybody is going through some type of situation in their lives. Countless people have had the, boss talk to them about resigning before getting fire. Countless people have been fired and then there is me. I am a fighter. I don't back down from my fears. I damn sho' do not back down from challenges. I am going to leave the bank as soon as I find another opportunity. Jesus placed me at the certain bank I am at and as a bank teller for reasons that I probably won't realize until I am gone from there.

Guess, what I am fine with not knowing the unknown about my very own life. Not knowing the unknown is a part of self-discovery. Everything that I am going through is molding me into a woman that only Jesus know I shall be. My husband is also very supportive with my decision on finding another job and even leaving when I get ready. If you are anyone else out there is going through a very difficult time at their job my words of encouragement are to, "Never get comfortable with a job that doesn't make you truly happy and even then don't get comfortable." Always stay seeking a better job opportunity no matter your experience level. I will keep you all posted on what happens next with my job life too. Until the next personal post. If you want to share your thoughts, advice, or situation please feel free to in the comment box below.

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  1. You are a fighter & you will land someplace much better! Peace & blessings.

    1. Thank you soooo much! I truly do deeply appreciate you and your motivating words!