Money Saving Tips For Holiday Shopping

in , , by Linda B Hurd, November 01, 2016
Next in line please! Girl, let's talk about that holiday shopping blues that some of us ladies happen to go through before the holidays arrive. Well, if you want a few money saving tips before the holiday shopping gets here then here you have it, and I promise that my money saving tips will be great.

 1. Set a spending limit. 

Setting a spending limit is key to having a holiday spending budget before you decide to step foot in any store. A spending limit is a great way to not have those unwanted overdraft charges posted onto your debit or credit card account too.

2. Create a list, save it, and check it twice.

Those that don't mine should not matter. Take time to sit down and have some quite time to think about the people that you want to shop for. Whether you are shopping for your child, children, family members, spouses, friends, co-workers, or your children's teacher keep in mind that it is the thought that count. By keeping your list of people on hand or in your phone you won't over spend or even over think shopping for gifts!

3. Spend cash money instead of swiping.

Spending cash money is one of the best ways to see where and how much money you are spending on gifts! You can set up a Christmas Savings Account with any bank or credit union of your choice and before the holidays approach take that money out and use it for your holiday shopping needs. Once all of that cash money is gone then the shopping is done.

4. Create personalized gifts or just give gift cards. 

While still sticking to your spending budget you can purchase items to create personalized gifts. There are tons of DIY's on Pinterest that you can use to get create one of a kind gifts. Gift cards to grocery stores, Wal-Mart, gas stations, and even Target are amazing gift cards for that picky person on your holiday spending list too.

5. Knock out over spending with online coupons. 

 If you missed out on any deals during black Friday you can knock out over spending with getting online coupons! Sites like,, and offer free printable coupons to use in stores and discount codes for shopping online, where markdowns can run up to 80 percent off on items found in stores like Best Buy and American Eagle Outfitters. (You can search by store or specific item.) CC

6. Pamper yourself with DIY beauty treatments! 

Save your money this holiday season without going to those local salons for beauty treatments. Click here to see over hundreds of DIY beauty treatments that you can do for yourself. You can have a stress free day relaxing in a warm and revitalizing bath soak by simply using home made ingredients. Pamper yourself at home before you spend those extra dollars waiting for your turn at a spa or hair/nail salon!

I hope these money saving tips are helpful! Drop yours in that comment box below too!

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