Ever since a child, I had very vivid dreams. Dreams and even nightmares that I would wake up from with my thoughts all over the place. Just last night, I had another recurring dream of me being back in my childhood home. Dreaming of being in my childhood home is a dream that has come from the spirit of set-back. In my dreams, I am either back in my childhood home or placed in a classroom at my primary school that brought me so much pain when I was going there.

Every week for the past almost five to six years, I have been having these dreams of basically being back in my hometown. Those dreams really do not bring me any peace of comfort, because I have already lived those years of my life. I sometimes get the feeling that God is truly trying to teach and spiritually prepare me for some type of blessing that I am not quite ready for, but it is in the works for me. I have decided to create this prayer for the anyone who maybe battling the spirit of set-back, limitation, and stagnation.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank you for waking me up this morning with breath in my body. Thank you for my health, strength, and vision. Thank you for being so loving and so kind to me. For today, I believe that every spiritual barrier that has come to delay my destiny in life will shatter into pieces by fire and by thunder in the will of your holy name, Jesus.

For I know, that you have spiritually equipped me to be able pull down every strong hold of stagnation, delay, limitation and setbacks by fire and by force in the name of Jesus. I believe today that everything that you have set aside and inline for me is for me. I pray today that you continue to crown my head with wisdom and knowledge to push through any storm. Oh, Heavenly Father while speaking to me in my dreams allow me to understand and to fulfill whatever it is in this life that you have instructed for me to do. 

In your name, I pray. Amen.

I must learn to let go the past emotions the same way I choose to let go the past situations that triggered those emotions. 

Time to think and answer…
What are you dreaming about? 
Have you ever researched what your dreams could possibly mean? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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