A couple of months ago, I was inside my apartment washing up dishes while listening to my Spotify R&B playlist. I just had finished jamming along with BJ the Chicago Kid and then a song by SZA came on that’s call ‘The Weekend.’ As she sang the lyrics I automatically said out loud, “What in the hell?”

A few of the lyrics,

I don't care long as u here by 10:30 No later then,drop them drawers Give me what I want My man is my man Is your man Her, this her man too My man is my man Is your man Her, that's her man Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I just keep him satisfied through the weekend You're like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend Make him lose his mind every weekend U take wednesday , Thursday Then just send him my way Thick I got him covered for the weekend

I thought, “Damn, there are really females who don’t mind being a weekend fling with a man who is clearly in relationship of some sort.”

SZA wrote this song from a deep place. Do I think she experience one side of the fence with this track, “Yes, and unless she shares that part of her relationship with her fans and others then we will never know?”

Since you are here and still reading I believe that, ‘The Weekend’ is a song that can really place a lot of jealous and very insecure young girls in their feelings. This track can really make them feel entitled to loving are having a fling with a guy who doesn’t mind having his cake and eating it weekly too. People can say that I’m reaching and the song is all fun and laid-back vibes. To me I don’t think that the track is a side chick anthem at all. It’s a track that can resonate to any young teenage girl or grown woman who settles for second place and for a wet ass. 

I have nothing against SZA. The song is especially not for every gullible teenager or grown woman for that matter who doesn’t mind sharing a man with another woman who possibly have no clue of your existence. A lot of teenager girls and women need to be mindful of what they listen to and who they are becoming from influences. 

It’s true that a lot of girls and women think that it’s harmless playing out the role of the lead female of the track (who possibly isn’t SZA to begin with.) 

All I know for sure is that ass whoopings, sexually transmitted diseases, raging emotions, death, or even a child can come with being someone’s weekend fling. Knowing your worth and taking care of you and your mental health is key. 

Share your thoughts below. I would love to know what you have to say.

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