I wouldn't trade my postpartum body for the world. In fact, I fell in love with my body even more after giving birth. I'm embracing my stretch marks, discoloration, and body weight.
I'm now 8 weeks postpartum and anywhere around 10-15 pounds my post pregnancy weight. 

After giving birth, my body did not snap back just because I'm breastfeeding. I think that a lot of women get discourage while breastfeeding when they don’t see drastic weight loss progression.

I have gradually lost 35 pounds since giving birth along with gaining the motivation to keep it off.

There was no dieting or slim teas involved in my weight loss either. Plus, many people should already know that you don't have to starve yourself to lose weight.  Throughout my weight loss journey I still feel beautiful. despite what folks that don't matter have to say about my body. 

I was afraid that after giving birth that my body would not be appealing to my husband any more. I thought that he wouldn’t find me sexy with my clothes off. I was hella wrong and I am happy that I was wrong about that too. I had to get the hell out of my head and focus on what was before me. I gave birth to his very first child and he still loves my body and me.

Whenever I get out the shower after a well needed cleanse nowadays I speak over myself. I tell myself while standing in the mirror, "Girl, look at you! You're beautiful." 

I tell myself, "Embrace your curves and love this skin that you are in."

I then finish by showing my skin TLC by moisturizing my body with my homemade whipped Shea Butter body butter or body oil. I came to love the skin I'm in and accepted that the life I carried within my womb was and is a blessing. Cherish, embrace, and love your temple ladies.

 I wish that I can travel on every stretch mark to see where it leads.

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