With Valentine’s Day just only a week away I have been getting emails about dropping more advice for single ladies, couples, and marriages. I have been replying to everyone letting them know that I am no way a relationship expert or have claimed to be one ‘just because I’m married.’  I will say that I am very open to giving advice to anyone who truly wants to receive it. When I say, “receive it”, I mean with open arms. 

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Alright, so the topic at hand came from one of my faithful readers who were in search of some well-needed advice. She loves my blog and my mindset and thought that she would ask me for advice when it comes down to her current situation. She emailed me just a day after my B-Day about what to do about her boo and the not-so-real relationship that they have going on. 

I am not going to expose her name at all. I’m just going to say to her and to any other woman or man that is going through a situationship to never get comfortable. If you are really feeling the person that you are possibly sexually active with then it is best that all cards are placed out on the table. That means, to let him or her know what’s good.
Let them know how you truly feel. All that beating around the bush isn’t healthy for your mental state. You must let that person know your true emotions and your current intentions with the situationship that y’all share.
You possibly have been toying with the thought of being in a relationship with this ‘person you have found to be special.’ 
There is nothing wrong with fantasying about what could be. However, you must be realistic.
Ask yourself are you wasting your time?
How long have you been experiencing these feelings?

When did are what triggered these feelings?

Now let’s flip this topic and let’s say it is the other way around. They may want to be with you and you really don’t want to get involved with them on that level. You may just enjoy their company, conversations, sex, etc. There’s not a thing wrong with that either. 

I understand that you also may have trust issues. You may be afraid of becoming hurt in the end, from pursuing this individual. You have every right to feel how you feel. If your heart is somehow guarded, then let them know

Allow yourself space and the clarity that you need to think things through. 

If you possibly want to move on from this individual in the future, then express that. Be open. Be true to not only them but your damn self. Time is true of the essence and not to be wasted not speaking your mind, especially when you have giving someone your body.

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