To myself exactly one year ago,

Hey, girl. How have you been holding up? I know you are experiencing so many mixed emotions right now. You are pregnant with your first child for both you and your husband. 

Both of you are scared just as much as you both are excited about becoming parents. The job that you are constantly stressing about will come to a true bittersweet end. You will miss those paychecks temporary, but only because you love helping your husband make the ends meet. 

Let me tell you, girl, you must let Bruce figure things out. You cannot think for the both of y’all in this marriage. You will learn to truly place your trust in God, girl. Your patience will be place to the test at times, however Bruce will not let you or his baby go without. Lynn, the struggle will be just as real as you imagined it to be after you have your baby. 

Things will get more difficult with time. There will be more bills than money. You will realize that the only two people that you can depend on to help you and those people are your husband and mother-in-law. Having a family will take your motivation to accomplish your dreams to a higher level.

You will grow closer to your lil brother Louis and have no relationship with your lil sister Patricia. Your mama will not choose either one of her daughter’s sides. Your mama will remain neutral and still will love you the same. 

When it comes to breastfeeding, you will learn so much about your body and health. There is no one in your everyday life who will truly understand how demanding being a breastfeeding mama truly is. 

Your YouTube channel will grow and so will your virtual relationship with your subscribers. You will no longer go by that nickname, Leeny Lynn. You will learn to love yourself through your trials and tribulations and crying while in the shower will bring you so much clarity. You will find comfort in praying and journaling all over again.

One year later, being a stay at home mama will not break you. Your blog will gain many readers and you will become more transparent with them. 

Family issues will arise and your beloved guinea pig, Bella will sadly die in February. Doors will open to you with great opportunities. Girl, you’re in a way better place than you are currently. Just breath and know that God really does have His hand on not just you, but your family too. 

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