There will be people who will bring up your past to belittle you! They will use something that you have probably told them personally that you might be embarrassed about to hit you where it hurts. One of the reasons why someone may try to use your past against you is simple, “They are envious of you and the person you are becoming.” It’s something or many things about you that they admire. 

This person doesn’t know how to truly hurt you, so they attack you with your past. This individual may feel like they must attack you with the past because they want to make you feel just as down and insecure as they do deep inside. They want to make you hurt.
They want to snatch your damn happiness because of their own insecurities.
You know that you must keep your head up! Right? The enemy comes to attack at all angles. Once they know that they can break you, they have won. They do not think or would even consider their selves as a hater or haters. They are miserable and uncomfortable with their own lives. 
They are observers and would do anything to get access to how you move, think, and hustle. You are someone who they envy. They do not want others to see the goodness in you or to celebrate your come up. To them, you are still your mistakes in the past. To them, you are still beneath them, as if life is a competition. There’s a glow about you that they could never touch.
They want to see you where you were when you were living recklessly and making reckless decisions. Trust me, they are obsessed with you while knowing all along they cannot stand you. Don’t ever look for them to support you. They will discredit you while in astonishment at your success. Continue to love yourself! Brush all the negative vibes off. Watch the company that you keep. Be mindful of the people that you console that you may label a friend. Everybody does not value how far you have come and how far you are going in this lifetime. Do not be quick to them the reaction that they want.
I have been going through this for years with a few so-call friends and family members. I’m not easily broken. I value and understand my worth. I have never been ashamed of my past enough to feel threatened when someone tries to wipe my face with it. I used to want to fight. I used to want to get even and be revengeful, but I learned to let it all go. I no longer stoop to the level of the insecure and bothered. I am no longer the decisions that I made in my past. I own my past.

I no longer raise my voice to get my point across. There’s no fulfillment in addressing people who must put you down to feel better! I continue to move with grace, and you should too. My past doesn't define me, and your past should not either. Keep on shining!

I'm going to leave this scripture with you as well.

Proverbs 27:6
Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

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