An Open Letter to My 21-Year Old Self

in , by Linda B Hurd, August 29, 2018
Dear My 21-Year Old Self

21 year old

It’s 4 years later and your 25 years old. You are still a wife to Bruce, but now you’re a mother. You and your husband and decided to name your first son Eli Alan Hurd. The name fits him amazingly! Oh, and when folks were telling you that you can’t plan for a baby just know they were not lying.

You will make it past being a fitting room associate for Ross Dress for Less. You will leave your job working at RaceTrac and transition into being a bank teller for Hancock/Whitney Bank. Along the way, you will meet people that will love you, hate you, and challenge your gangsta, girl! I could laugh so hard right now just recalling all the bullshit you go through within the next four years.

Can you believe that you almost made it to two years as a bank teller before you decided to put in your maternity leave and never looked back? While working as a bank teller you learn the value of stacking money and branding. What some people consider “big” money doesn’t excite you these days. Allow me to say that when God blesses you in the future financially you will not be afraid of handling and touching your money.

Alright, so now you are a stay at home mom, a full-time blogger, and YouTuber. I believe that you always thought about how life would be this way. You’re breastfeeding your 10-month-old on demand daily too!

Your health has drastically improved. Your walk with Christ is growing stronger each day. Lynn, your skin is finally glowing at 25 as well! Lynn, growth takes time. You will grow as you go through all the frustrations and pain your life serves you. Everything that you know you are striving towards right now will eventually pay off.

Don’t worry about making too many friends, because your phone stays dry and your emails stay lit. You’re becoming a brand while still in the process of building your own. All those product reviews on YouTube have built and still is building you an amazing team of loyal and faithful supporters. You are doing everything that many folks lied and said that you can’t at this time in your life.

I know you’re a freshman in college working towards getting your degree in Communications. Girl, I’m not trying to make you feel bad, but you haven't completed your college courses and gotten your degree.

You weren’t too bright in Algebra since primary school, so don’t let yourself feel down because you failed your college remedial Algebra class for the second time around. Whenever you go back to school, I pray that the third time is worth it.

Lynn, there’s nothing wrong with failing. At least you are not afraid to try. Oh, and stop comparing yourself and your life to other girls. God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed you where you are at right now. What's for you will ALWAYS BE MEANT FOR YOU. Got it?

You are not a published author, yet. Your time and season are coming. Be still and just understand what you are reading.

You will lose a close bond that you once had with your younger sister Patricia in a few more years. It will simply happen when you stop calling and texting. You will learn to value keeping your personal life to yourself. You will go back to journaling. You will find peace within praying. You will learn to pray about your situations before venting them verbally to anyone.

Oh, you will also back away from drinking alcohol and having an occasional Black & Mild to ease your nerves. I really wish I could hug you right now and tell you that you are amazing.

You made a lot of crazy ass decisions that could have cost you the peace of mind that you have today. I’m so happy that you pushed through it all with your head held high. Turning 21 was life-changing and being 25 is an incredible blessing. I love you and keep smiling.

21-year-old self

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