An Open Letter To Nicki Minaj

in , by Linda B Hurd, August 21, 2018
Dear Nicki,

Hey, girl! It’s Linda B Hurd. Of course, you probably like Linda, who? I just wanted to talk to you through this letter.

August 2018 (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Last night, I watched your performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and I will say your performance was super lit! Your confidence was shining through. I was impressed with your background dancers as well as the choreography. The outfit selection and theme of your overall performance was great!

Girl, you had the crowd in the palms of your hand last night. Your performance was a huge step up from the B.E.T awards for sure! Hopefully, you haven’t taken getting Donkey of The Day too personally because Charlemagne did have a strong reasoning behind why he gave the title to you. It’s a damn shame you are upset behind your album sells too.

Over 200 thousand people put money into your pocket and brought you to the number two spot on the charts and you still was seeming ungrateful. Are you still upset? Have you accepted your growth and album sells? I hope you’re not pissed because you feel the pressure of comparing your sales to Cardi B? 

The comparison trap can really damage your self-esteem. Just voicing your insecurities and thoughts on others publicly has done did more harm than good to you and your image over the years. I understand that you are outspoken, but girl, we won't go there.

Anyways, I believe that you should stop over analyzing yourself and your growth. You’re taking L’s on Twitter by just responding back to reality TV stars who have something slick or negative to say about you. Why are you giving them the time of day? Why did you even give CPR to dead situations? The Barb’s support you and go hard for you all day every day in your defense on all social media platforms.

I would just let people talk assume whatever they want about me. The entire Safaree situation is crazy. I wish you the best with everything that you do. Keep your head up. Remember that you have people who support you with and through anything that you do. Stay motivated. Try to remain busy enough to not entertain those that don’t matter. Enjoy your success and keep shining.


Linda B Hurd 

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