I will rather be real than sugar coat the truth with lies and bullshit. My husband and I have been together for eight years. We have been disagreements. We have our ups and downs and share so many priceless moments together.

We do not try to flaunt like we have it all or together. We appreciate our growth throughout the years together. People have wondered how we tolerate one another for so long? People have even asked me how we been maintaining as parents?

I will admit being an Aquarius woman loving a Pisces man has its pros and cons. Being parents to our 10-month-old son has brought us much to look forward to. The first three months of being first-time parents had us fussing every week. We both were under so much stress with having a new baby. My husband was stressing about the bills and our current financial situation. I was a huge crybaby who was sleep deprived, frustrated, and my hormones out of whack. Post-partum depression was getting the best of me and my husband.

We both had to mature quickly when we became parents. We both had to strengthen our relationship with Christ. There were no married couples we admired or around to mentored us. We went into a lot of things together blind just like we are doing with parenting. We were focused on getting our marriage and family together then and we still are.

Let me say that keeping people out your marriage is true. Communication is key as well as forgiveness within a marriage or any relationship. I’m excited that my husband and I are approaching our five-year anniversary in December. I am thankful for these years that I spent loving, inspiring, and growing with him. I would not ever trade all the experiences that I have learned throughout the years I have shared with my husband. 

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  1. Fantastic read! Love is beautiful

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Love is beautiful.

  2. This is so beautiful sis! I’m glad you have a strong marriage but at the same time not afraid to admit that it’s not perfect all the time. Even though I’m not married, I definitely agree that it’s important to keep people out of the marriage! Less drama!

    1. Thank you so much for supporting me! I’m so happy that you understand my point of view too!