Paying Yourself With A Reality Check

in , , by Linda B Hurd, October 01, 2018
It’s October, baby! I’m excited and determined to get a lot of my goals for the months accomplished. This time last year I was counting down the days until I gave birth to my first child. I was uncomfortable with incredibly swollen feet, but I still found the energy to get out and exercise!

At this moment, I’m enjoying motherhood and being a stay at home mom. Some days I find myself under a slight depression. Yesterday, I had to give myself a pep-talk in the mirror! I was all types of frustrated and emotional.

My frustration and emotional moment stemmed from my lack of consistency. I felt like I’m not consistent enough with many things these days. I started thinking about my YouTube channel and how I felt that I lacked creativity.

I thought about this blog and felt as if I should start to send out motivational newsletters to keep y’all encouraged whenever I’m not blogging. I believe that we all need a little uplifting from time to time. We all deserve to be inspired and motivated even when we can’t find the words to speak over ourselves.

I was not having a pity party for myself yesterday. I gave myself a reality check. When was the last time you kept it real with yourself?

I knew that I have to hustle and be more consistent in order to grow. I cannot be doing a little here and there to get by. I cannot place my faith in my husband’s earnings from working either. I’m just not that type of woman or wife. I always like to have my own things popping for me. I always loved having my own “consistent income.” I do not desire to depend on anyone to call me out on my truth.

My truth is that I need to get myself together and my goals in-lined. I refuse to end the next 97 days left this year wishing I did more. I don’t know about you, but I know that I have many areas of improvement. I don’t have my ish together right now. I’m sick of falling victim to comparison and complaining. I’m ready to be that change that I’m destined to be.

How’s life treating you? Let’s talk in the comment box below if you want too.

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