You Cannot Rewrite The Past | Let It Be

in , , by Linda B Hurd, October 23, 2018
A lot of us have tried to go back to that person we once were before. I’m talking about before you lost your job, before that bad breakup, before the rape, before the physical and mental abuse, or even before the car accident.

There’s no way we can turn back the hands of time. What has happened is in the past tenths.
You made it through the past! You made it through those sleepless nights. You have prayed to make it through those dark times. You have cried yourself to sleep! You cannot go back to that person you were before. Lord, I don’t know what the before may have been. We all have many past experiences, some that are dreadful.
I just want to encourage you or someone today to give up the idolization of “the before.” Embrace the person that you are today. Be accepting of your present self. Be encouraged and inspired by your strength.

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