A Prayer For Inspiration, Creativity, and Energy

in , , by Linda B Hurd, November 06, 2018
I often pray for inspiration, creativity, and energy. There are days that I need for God to guide me to create touching blog posts, characters for book ideas, and even YouTube videos. Prayer keeps me going and uplifted. It's key to remember that with God you lack nothing. You may have something in mind that you want to work on. You are searching for guidance. Don't let fear stand in your way and embrace God for inspiration. 

Dear God,
Ignite my mind with a vision and breathe your creativity on me. 
Allow me to discover the passion to create.
Help me to understand and value the
 inspiration, creativity, and energy that comes from You.
You are the Alpha and Omega; everything begins and ends with You.
Uplift me with visions and amazing ideas.
Allow me to set goals that are attainable.
Allow me to flourish in my craft.
I desire to work in the flow of your holiness. 
Help me to make the best of my time to be efficient and productive.
I will be mindful to give you all the praise.
May you instill in me the motivation to keep my heart set on you. 
For I want to thank you for using me as a vessel. 
Continue to grant me the dedication and energy to make it throughout my day.
I will value Your favor upon my life.
I surrender my mind to You.

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