I’m stepping into 2019 to the rhythm of a high hat. This past year has brought me so much clarity. I have peace within my spirit. I have peace of mind. Within in this year, I had mustard seed faith. I challenge myself time and time again keep going.

This was my first year working with a natural hair brand for Essence in my city. I started guest speaking this year. I built an email list for my blog. I became a brand influencer and freelance writer. This was the first year I realized my worth pertaining to handling business. I set achievable goals and accomplish them.

I uplifted so many spirits in countless ways. There was someone praying for me when I wasn’t praying for myself. There was someone motivating me to keep going when I was ready to throw the towel in. I took on another level of motherhood with my toddler. God continued to bless me with patience and understanding throughout this year.

I took the necessary breaks to keep my sanity. The loss of friends was refreshing. I started journaling daily for months without hesitation. My YouTube channel grew as well as my creativity to create video content grew too. My marriage grew stronger. My husband and I made it to our 5-year anniversary. Within this year my husband and I took on parenting with eagerness and with an open mind.

2018 was more than just a year of blessings. I came such a long way mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. I experience seeing my son share precious moments with my mother and in-laws. God’s grace upon my life as well as my family was amazing. Understand that I did fight postpartum depression.

There were times my husband and I struggled financially. We prayed together and did not allow our circumstances to hold us down. There was always something to smile about. There was our son smiling and cheering us up.

Plus, being a stay-at-home-mom motivated me to not give up on my dreams. I became more inspired to set attainable goals. Even though, I did not drop a book this year I am not upset with myself. I just know that for 2019 I have lots of work to do. What about you? How did 2019 go for you? Feel free to reflect in the comment box below or by taking time out to write it down. 

I want to wish you a happy new year filled with love, peace, and blessings!

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