There’s an old hymn that goes, “Have a little talk with Jesus. Tell him all about your troubles.” To many people, it’s just ole hymn lyrics to sing. To me, it means sparking up a conversation with God throughout your day. 

Talking to God throughout your storm. Uplifting God’s name with thankfulness is also a way of talking to God. Prayer is also essential and one of the keys to growing a closer relationship with Him.

Prayer journaling has helped me improve my relationship with Christ. Journaling to God can help you encounter God. Here’s how I go into prayer journaling and tips you can use.

I start with prayer.

Prayer opens my heart and mind to journal my experiences in order to draw closer to God. When going to God in prayer I ask Him to use my journaling to help me to help me have the moment to spill my heart and emotions to Him without any hesitation while writing.

Value the reasons why you are journaling.

It’s best to not prayer journal because you feel as if it’s a chore. You must value the reasons why you’re journaling. Remember that you want to encounter God in the process.

Find a place to journal.

Deciding where and when you want to journal. You can also find a place or time that works best for you. Purchase a journal that is appealing and that is best suited as writing your journal entries by hand. If you aren’t in to pen to paper journaling create a special file on your computer to type in your journal entries. If you chose to use your computer, make sure to get you a jump drive to save your entries to.

Let go of fear.

Fear can hold you back from that bond you are desiring to have with God. Be open with yourself and God. God will give you the courage to write about each of your fears openly if you ask Him. Understand that God will help you be comfortable with His spiritual presence. There’s no need to allow your fears to be brushed aside. Let your fears out onto the blank pages of your journal pages.

Journal a letter to God.

I use my journal to write to write touching letters to God. I always start with what I am thankful and then I tell what’s on my heart! In your letter to God let him know Him where you are right now in your journey with Him. Take the time to also tell Him where you desire to be within different areas of your life and even spiritual walk.

Have you started journaling to God? Do you desire to start keeping a prayer journal? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. I have seen so many people talk about journaling and prayer . I really never considered it until reading your blog . I never thought to write all my fears on paper . I have all on my mind and maybe just maybe if I write it down it Will ve leas scary . Idk , I really want to have a better walk with Christ . I just feel so lost , I talk to him daily but I also feel so I unworthy. I also feel invisible, I like I am here but not here. Having a hard time can you pray for me please