When I became a mother 15 months ago, I learned so much about scarifying. When I spent three days in the hospital after delivery, I sacrificed my sleep. Chile, a lot of mothers told me that a good night sleep wasn’t going to come easily once I became a mother.

They sure were not lying! I took on the role and the lifestyle of a stay at home mom. I was afraid of not having a reliable source of income monthly. Before becoming a mother all, I knew was clocking onto somebody’s clock at their place of work. I even was a tad bit selfish.

15 months ago, changed my approach to life. I don’t half step towards my goals. I don’t have time to spend unnecessary money on myself when my child can half a stock closet of clothes and diapers. I don’t just dream about accomplishing my goals for myself. Accomplishing my goals will also benefit my family.

I grew up in poverty. My mom made ends meet for me and my younger sister and brother with Social Security money once every month. I grew up going without hot cook meals for many weeks. I grew up going without having nice clothes and shoes. Many of the things that I owned and wore were hand-me-down. When you grow up how I grew up you learn at a young age that money comes, and money goes. You learn how you take damn good care of what you have.

Right now, I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t have it made. Money is still tight for both me and my husband. All I do know is that I’m willing to go without having the latest hair care and skin care products so my son can have what he needed. Being a natural hair product reviewer is my job on YouTube. 

There have been many times that I decided to purchase new clothes and diapers for my son before purchasing hair care products to review. I have since found balance within every area of my life. I will never feel bad about doing what’s best for my son. Providing for my son will always be worth the sacrifice. Seeing my son smile will always be one of the highlights of my day. This is my truth.

Feel free to share with me your thoughts.

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  1. I just love reading your encouraging words. I grew up the same way too honey. Your kids came first No Matter What. My name is Brenda Bluford. I just Love Love your encouraging words and I Really to heat in a lot of the things you say. Please Up The Good Work that you are doing Please. Thank You So Very Much!!

    1. Thank you so much for being so understanding! I'm so happy that my blog has been encouraging to you too!