People will judge you and you don’t have to care. In this society, you cannot shy away from people’s perception of you. Judgment is not a source of validation that one should inquire to accomplish something.

Some people are fueled by the naysayers to prove them wrong while others are triggered by negative energy. I found myself this week being triggered from shade .

The shade that I felt was thrown at me over social media took me out of my element. I found myself getting worked up over making assumptions.

A lot of us are guilty of this. Even if we are right about the issue brewing, we should not place our energy into getting angry.

Here’s the truth. We often give into the anger in order to vent freely. It’s easier for some of us to vent when we’re upset rather than when we are level headed. Don’t allow anger to be a voice for your frustrations.

Treat yourself with grace. You don’t have to let go of your happiness even for a second to entertain negativity. You are stronger than you think. You do not have to stoop to anyone’s level to prove a point. You have substance. You have no time to waste on the pursuit of chasing your dreams!

Brush your shoulders off. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Do a little bounce like your a boxer in a ring ready to throw a mean jab. Your destiny depends on your consistency to face every obstacle with the willingness to conquer.

Smile! You deserve to be happy by any means. You’re greater than what the enemy says you not. You are worthy of the life that you pray to have. No one can take away your joy unless you allow them too. Remain strong. Guard your happiness.

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