There will always be someone that has their hand out that’s in need of some money.

I thought about this last week as I strolled along the sidewalks of my neighbor with my son.  We were headed to the nearest corner store for a few snacks. I had only $10.00 in cash in one of the pockets of my dark washed blue jeans paired with a loosely fitting marron t-shirt and a classic pair of Chuck Taylor’s. 

My two strand twists blew in the slightly nippy wind. I kept sun visor over my son’s head to relieve him of the blazing sun while still being able to see him as he took in his surroundings. As we approached the corner store, I notice that there was a white woman who looked to be around her early thirties rushing out of the door. 

Her hair was a little past her shoulders and was colored light ash blond with beach-like waves. She wore a hippie type outfit that gave off a free-spirited vibe. She gripped tightly to the hand of a young boy. He looked to be at least four or five years old. He was of a light brown complexion with freckles and wild curly cinnamon-colored hair. He wore a light blue shirt with a pair of khaki shorts and sneakers. The closer she approached me and my son the more and more I felt a little shaken in my spirit.

She walked up to us with her son holding on to a bottled soft drink with a cocked smile. 

My first initial thoughts were, “I don’t have no money to give away today, ma’am.”

I smiled and said, “Hey.”

She replied, “Hey, I know that you don’t know me from a can of paint. I just want to know if you can possibly be a help to me and my son right here.”

I nervously placed a free-flowing chunky two strand twist behind my ear and said, “You right, but how can I help y’all?”

She looked down at her son with the same cocked smiled and back to me and my son and said, “I need some help with getting away from my ex. He’s hella crazy. I mean he’s truly crazy, girl. He went off on me earlier this morning before I was able to bring my son to school. I just need to call and tell my sister or mama to come and get us.”

Her eyes watered as she looked away towards the busy highway to keep from crying.

We had made direct eye contact throughout her story. She told me more about her situation with her ex who was her son’s abusive father. I just felt that she wasn’t lying to me. I asked her what number does she want me to call?

She immediately told me a number. I dialed it on my phone. By the fourth ring, her mama answered. I kept my phone on speaker and listened to her explain as well as she could that she needed a ride. I did felt guilty for even making the assumption that she was going to be begging me for money. 

As I held my phone in the middle of us on speaker her mama sounded frustrated with her over the phone about the entire situation. I was able to tell that this was not the first time this type of situation has taken place from their conversation.

About three minutes later her mama told her to walk to the nearest grocery store that was only a few blocks up the street as she headed her way. I smiled and the woman gave me a hug. I felt good. I felt like my good deed for the day was accomplished. A priceless deed.

I decided to share this story with you because many of us second guess giving people money. There’s nothing wrong with second guessing giving a total stranger, family member, friend, or co-worker money. I just want to let you know that we can also give things to people that they can appreciate more than money.

Here are a few of those things that you can give away for free.99!

Words of appreciation
Words of encouragement
Good book recommendations
“How-to” knowledge
A helping hand

Things that you no longer need
The gift of expressing and sharing your talents with the world.
An opportunity for them to talk to you freely about their life
Good places to eat
Good music recommendations
Good podcast recommendations
Good movies recommendations
Good conversation
Handwritten thank-you notes.
The gift of your own personal development.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below! What priceless gifts do you give to people? I would love to talk to you.

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