If someone’s absence brings you peace of mind, you did not lose anything. In fact, you have gained so much peace, clarity, and strength. 

When you desire peace in any area of your life, do not be afraid to go after it. Place your hurt, guilt, and excuses to the side and get a hold of your peace. The enemy possesses tactics to make you second guess yourself. Be stronger than and much cunning than the enemy.

You want to know what? You have always been worth having peace. If any relationship has drained you, chase your peace. If any friendship has exhausted you, pursue your peace. 

Chasing your peace could be as simple as not answering someone’s phone calls or text messages. You can have a heart to heart and let them know that you’re cutting them off. There’s a saying that actions speak louder than words, so you may just proceed with letting go without an explanation. 

Your peace is priceless. You do not deserve to cry yourself to sleep at night. You do not deserve to walk on eggshells in your own home. 

You do not deserve to feel uncomfortable whenever someone who shifts your peace is in your presence. Take the necessary time to regain your peace. Do not rush yourself. Practice grace within your journey. 

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