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in , , by Linda B Hurd, May 13, 2019
One year ago from today, I revealed on my blog my life with secondary lymphedema. It had taken me 10 years to embrace my lymphedema and my journey. There were many points during my lymphedema journey that I felt ashamed.

I was embarrassed. I would stuff my feet in the most uncomfortable shoes and suffer in silence trying to disguise my feet.

Let me tell you! Chile, trying to play off your lymphedema is one of the worst things that you can do! I have learned the hard way. These days I’m open with my lymphedema. Even though I still have not had a salon pedicure it doesn’t keep me from practicing self-care. 

I take pride in being able to do my own pedicure. When I’m not in a pair of compression socks my toes are out. This past Mother’s Day I decided to wear my feet out again. I was not shamed and yes my feet sure did swell. 

I believe that life as a Lymphie gets easier when you finally stop giving a damn what people think about your appearance. I learned to stop being so hard on how I view myself too. I no longer cringe to take a full body photo when my lymphedema is more apparent to the eye. 

Mother's Day 2019
I even take my time when shoe shopping in public. I don’t rush to take off any one of my shoes because of my swelling. 

I move with grace. I’m cautious about how I choose my footwear. I’m cautious of what I use to moisturize my legs and feet. I practice grace with my lymphedema journey.

Someone may question, “Is it really that deep?” My answer is, “Yes.”

For me, I did not take my own journey serious. I downplayed my condition for years. I use to never think I was beautiful the way I was. 

I use to despise shoe shopping for myself. I always tell people my condition could be worse. 

I could be an amputee. I could be wheelchair bound. Hiding my lymphedema is not worth being conflicted with my self-esteem. 

Someone needs to be uplifted by my strength and confidence. Here I am with open arms while standing giving you a virtual hug! Let your light shine! Do a lil’ dance! Wear a smile with true confidence.

Don’t downplay what you may think is an imperfection on your body for the acceptance of others.

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