I met my now husband of 5 ½ years on a party line! Most of the time people are astonished whenever they ask us, and we tell them. I have always been the type of person who goes for personality before looks. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still must be physically attracted to you too. Personality just takes the cake for me. As a teenager, a few of my friends from school and I would get on party lines. 

We sometimes would be on 3-way on our house phones too. I was a sucker for bomb conversations and so were they. I have always enjoyed talking to people from different walks of life. So when I stumbled across my now husband’s voice over the chat line I was intrigued.

He spoke with a rich New Orleans accent that was smooth like velvet to my ears. Being that I was a 985 (area code) country girl I was all listening ears. He went by a fake name that I still can’t recall. I just knew that when he said his name was whatever he said he was that he was lying. My name was Smilie.

We chatted on the chat line for about 20 minutes before exchanging phone numbers. I was nervous to give him my house phone number, but I had no other choice. My cellphone was pre-paid. Plus, I wanted to conserve my minutes on my cellphone. It was funny because I only had free minutes after 9pm. During our phone conversation, he quickly picked up that I was not from his area.

He found me and my personality to be refreshing. Within a week we exchange photos and was texting each other daily. There was something about talking to him that place me at ease. I was able to be myself. He was able to vent to me freely. 

We even talked about our relationships with God. During that time, we both had troubled lives and circumstances. I did not want to tell my friends in high school too much about him. All they knew was that he lived in New Orleans and what kind of car he drove. I kept it just like that too.

I talked to my mama about him and even my younger sister. They both were happy for me. Happy that I was happy. Bruce and I did not start our relationship until I was 18 years old. He had made 22 and was also ready to finally have a committed relationship with me.

I respected that he respected me enough to wait until I was the legal age to consent. We had a long-distance relationship for almost a year and a half before we met.

When we finally met, I cried. Our first kiss was soft and lasting. The conversations we had were even more heartfelt. Now, there were people that had written me off for taking my relationship serious with Bruce so early in my life. 

They said that I was going to end up pregnant with a child that we would not own. They said that he probably has baby mama’s that I did not know anything about. Oh, and on top of all of that, they even said he was only messing with me because of he felt sorry about where I lived.

People talked and dragged me for filth for loving my now husband. When people who are so invested in your life do not know who you are dating, they become paranoid. They had a right to be concerned, but not to put me down!

If falling in love with a man that I prayed for was wrong, then I did not want to be right! Let me just tell you that love can form in your heart for someone you never met physically. 

Love does not discriminate.

Do not allow anyone to make you feel guilty about getting to know someone mentally before you do physically. Who cares about how fine a man is if he only wants you for your hidden treasures? Who cares how fly he dresses if he only wants to date you to make his ex-girlfriend jealous? I can keep on going too.

I found love on a party line. I found my husband on a party line and I am not ashamed to tell it to the world.

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