I ghosted a few of my so-called best friends on purpose. I have no regrets. In fact, it made me a better friend. I realized that I no longer had much to anything in common with my friends at the time. 

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We would hardly talk, text, or show love to one another on social media. It was as if we had something against each other’s lifestyles. I don’t know for sure what it was. It was almost as if they lurked my pages and did not openly support me. Which was understandable. I just did not know why they stuck around to lurk instead of calling me?

After I had my son, I realized that I could not associate myself with anything or anyone who reminded me of my past life. None of them visited me after I had my son. None of them placed any effort into getting to know my son. 

I was holding onto friendships with old co-workers that were formed by gossip. I was holding on to friendships with people who lived close by but never placed any effort into linking up with me. I was still trying to hold on to so-called friendships with women who carried far too much emotional baggage for me to handle.

I just wanted to be able to say that I had “friends.” Friends who I had to play guessing games with to get them to open up and talk. Friends that never prayed for me. Friends that always thought that just because I was married that I had a more comfortable way of living than them.

I have been married since I have been 20 years old. I am a self-proclaimed loner with a radiant personality. Once I told some girls that I was married, they just avoided getting to be my friend all-together. I started to believe that no one wanted to be close friends with a young married black girl. They would follow me on social media, but that would be it.

The ones who took a chance with being my friend had their own motivates or hidden intentions for talking to me. That’s just how I always felt. I never had any photos with the so-called best friends I ghosted. I felt like I was a side chick

They kept me as a secret. Many people who I considered my close friends only talked to me when it benefited them. I sometimes met a few of their friends or family, but it was not like they genuinely knew my character. 

I use to carry a lot of their burdens as if they were my own. 

I open the door to the apartment that I shared with my husband for them at the latest of hours. I open my home to them without any hesitation.

I sympathized, prayed, and cried with them and for them. 

I gave them the best and unfiltered advice that I could speak. I loved my friends at this point in time, but not enough to choose them over my sanity. It was my choice to ghost them. Yes, I am a writer. Yes, I love to be an open book. However, what do you say to people that you have grown apart from? What do you say to people that leave you feeling empty? 

I had no words.
My words to them no longer had meaning.
I allowed their phone calls 
and text messages to go unanswered.
Yes, they eventually got the picture
without me adding a caption.
I mentally let them go without having to physically speak.
Friendship with me no longer exists.

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