Release The Load You Are Carrying

in , by Linda B Hurd, July 12, 2019

We carry and cling onto emotions and experiences the same way we do our belongings. The priceless, upsetting, disturbing, and funny moments that we experience mold our memories. There are special highlights of our lives that we mentally carry with us for a lifetime. We also pick and choose what memories we want to savor in our hearts and minds. 

There are lessons well-learned from difficult experiences that have to strengthen us along the way. In addition, we all have secrets. Secrets that we have mentally buried in our minds that can burden us with anxiety.

Let me confess to you that I have been afraid to unpack my emotional baggage. I can find it a tad bit fun to pack up for a trip. I get the opportunity to think about how I want to look, feel, and have with me while I am away from my home (my comfort zone.) Of course, I also can be anxious about packing. For many, packing is easier than unpacking.

In life, releasing your past hurt, embarrassing, and devastating experiences can lighten your load. It starts with wanting to let go before having the strength to do it. I told myself this last month. I tend to take on my families burdens and issues as if they were my own.

I do this on purpose. It was a habit that I had to learn to drop that I carried since my teenage years. In order to have true peace of mind, you cannot pick up the weight of someone’s problems.

If you desire peace of mind from what you carry around mentally, spiritually, or even emotionally you must be strong enough to unpack. Write it out. Talk it out. Meditate. Pray it out! You will know when you are ready to release what is hindering you of growth and true happiness. It will take time to release and unpack the load. Give yourself grace. Do not apply a time stamp on your process. Release to unpack.

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