“Y’all come on inside a get some of this sugar water! It’s too hot outside and y’all sweating.” My mama would yell over me and my younger sister’s laugher in the backyard. 

She would stand on the front porch with one hand on her hip. We both knew we would be thirsty. The faucet water never quenched our thirst enough in the Louisiana summertime heat.

We would both skip with excitement to gulp down our sugar water. The salty yet tangy taste of my sweat would race down my nose as I drank my sugar water. My sister and I would then pretend we were drinking something bubbly with bite. Making the “ah” sound after thinking something always made it seem more refreshing. Well, it did to me. 

We did not have much, but we did have love. In addition to the love we had we had our imaginations. Watching PBS Kids when the bunny ears we used to catch a few local channels worked kept us excited. We always were eager to learn. I was fascinated by how other people experience life and the world around them. I wondered if my life would ever be as sweet as sugar water?

To me, sugar water was so much more refreshing than Kool-Aid. It was just two things that came from the earth. Sugar and water. Nothing more. Nothing less. The more sugar you added the sweeter the taste. The more water you added the more you can savor the sweetness. 

The sugar would slightly land on the pallet of your tongue when you watered down your sugar. It was sugar water that comforted me on the days I thought that my thirst for a better life would run dry.

I vividly remember clasping a cup of sugar water that I made for myself. I held the cup underneath my chin and started to cry. My tears would trickle down into the cup of sugar water. My little cup of happiness mixed with unspoken emotions. Even from all the tears that left me with sore puffy eyes the taste of the sugar water overpowered my salty tears. 

I just want to let someone know today that no matter how many tears you cry about any circumstance in your life that it will never overpower the sweet love and loving mercy of God. 

‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

He’s made a way for me. He will continue making a way for you too. You’re reading this for a reason. You have a purpose beyond imagination. Continue to keep going. Things will get sweeter without any additives. 

Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment section below. 

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  1. I absolutely love your blog posts. I too am a country girl who grew up dirt poor but in we were rich in love. As an adult I can appreciate that my lack of as a child taught me to appreciate everything I have now. Faith is a huge part of how we survived back then and it is my faith that sustains me now.

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy that you can relate and love my blog posts. Having faith has carried us a very long way and we still have more to go.

  2. This blog post has me in tears. My life appears to be one trauma after another. I remember a preacher saying, 'It's not what it looks like'. But, it makes me tired with life it self. My happiness comes from waking each morning. But, there must be more to it. We weren't rich growing up but,my mom gave us 100% of what we needed. When times were harder than usual, we didn't know it. She allowed us to be kids. I found myself doing the same as a single mom with my son. He is now in his fourth year of College and I can't get my grown up act together. My life doesn't seem to be moving forward. I am thankful but, need Fulfillment. Your blog is life💕

    1. There's more to your happiness and you have so much divine purpose. What ever your talents are dive into them with passion. You are an amazing mother who has given so much to your son and everyone around you. There's more to keep on living for no matter how difficult things are for you. Give yourself grace.