3 Things I Stopped Doing To Get Ahead In Life

by Linda B Hurd, August 19, 2019

Have you ever, at some point in your life, felt as if you had to get your stuff together? I'm talking about knowing that you had to get right before things went even further left for you. Then there is that feeling of uncertainty that could have one sense as if you were not doing enough with their life or talents. Oh, how I hate that feeling.

However, it is that feeling that is sometimes needed. It takes specific individuals to give in to their hunger for more. I have been there. I sometimes still get those feelings. Those feelings and thoughts just don't grasp my throat enough to choke me up, anyone. What about you? Are those nagging feelings and thoughts feasting on your pride?

I want to share with you three things that I personally stopped doing to get ahead in life. I am sharing these next three things with you because I understand how one can go from wanting to be better to then stop suddenly while they are improving. The problem is not the sudden stopping; it is the fact that they lose the desire to keep moving forward.

I stopped telling myself what I felt I was not capable of doing.

This may seem like a typical response to some folks. However, the way you speak and think about yourself whether it is out loud or just in your mind matters. 

If someone feels as if they can't accomplish something out of their comfort zone, then that person is already giving power to a lie. A lie that they believe is true, because the life they have spoken into a lie.

If there is no breath to speak into a lie, then it has no existence.

I stopped telling people around me my dreams, goals and ambitions.

You never know who around you are a dream killer. A dream killer can be a family member, friend, or co-worker. The less the enemy may know about your moves, the more difficult it is for them to keep up with you.

When I stopped explaining my reason why I wanted to do certain things, the better my mental health improved. You can still accomplish your dreams. Sometimes it is just best to keep them to yourself and crush them without everyone in your business.

I stopped doing enough and did a little extra to get closer to my goals.

To get quite a few of my goals accomplished faster I stopped doing enough. I did more to get the results I desired. While doing this, I did not overexert myself.

For example:

If I had a weight loss goal in mind, I to get to in a certain amount of time, I made sure that I had become more self-disciplined. I also made the decision not to overindulge on my cheat days. I would also challenge myself to go a little harder during workouts or start earlier in the day.

It's the little things that you can add in towards meeting the end goal that makes a huge difference.

I could have mentioned that I stopped procrastinating.
I stopped not making time to read my bible or bible plans.
I stopped comparing myself to others.
I stopped placing so much time into things are people that were not bringing me any joy.
I stopped reading books by authors that did not inspire me.
I stopped talking about what I was going to stop doing, and I showed it.

My actions, in the end, will always speak louder than my words.

What are somethings that you stopped doing to get ahead in life? I would love to talk to you in the comment section below.

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