Depression pimped slapped me in the face with the reality of being a stay at home mother. I was thankful. However, I had many sudden moments of being emotional. 

I felt isolated and overwhelmed with life as a stay at home mother. You wear many hats when you take on life as a stay at home mom. It’s also sometimes difficult to make time for yourself. 

You are always taking care of your child or children, finding the energy to clean and even remembering to make sure the bills get paid on time. 

One thing every stay at home mom should go out to eat alone. If you share a car with your spouse then get them to drop you off at any restaurant of your choice. There are many moms who are not used to their own company.

 Here’s my advice:

Bring a bag with something to write with or on: Leave the diaper bag that you have made a purse at home. If you do not know what to do with yourself while out alone bring a journal with a pen, iPad, or laptop. All you need is a blank place to jot down your thoughts and experiences. You should be able to mentally savor the moment. 

Order a drink that will uplift you: If you are at a coffee shop place an order on a drink that will leave you refreshed. If you are at a restaurant order you a drink that has a little caffeine content. If you are really feeling open to it order you an alcoholic beverage. The choice is up to you. 

Don’t rush to get back home: While being away from your family take your time. Enjoy your peace. You deserve this time for yourself. 

Being a stay-at-home mom can leave you with mom guilt. You can feel undeserving of treating yourself and of self-care. However, remember the days you hoped you could have some time to yourself, but you couldn’t. Remember when your spouse left you home to go out with his or her friends. You were fine with them leaving. You remained at home on mommy mode. You are always operating in mommy mode

You want for everyone else to live. You want everyone else to be happy. When was the last time you chose yourself? Having some time alone is always going to be worth the sacrifice. Do not feel guilty about it. Carve out time to get out of the house. Mommy mode comes with a switch just mentally find it. 

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