Setting boundaries can be difficult only if you allow it to be. I have learned the hard way to value and respect my own space from others. When I use to allow mixed and toxic energies into my space I ended up burned and frustrated. It took me realizing the power that I had already had within myself to choose my peace and happiness before sacrificing it to be cool with anyone.

It takes time to evaluate the people that you have in your life already. Everyone will not show you their true intentions and feelings towards and about you. Some folks will only keep you in their contact list or follow you on social media for “favors” and “favors only. They will milk you for your guidance, positivity, presence, materialistic possessions that you own, or even your money. 

Here are a few realistic boundaries that I have set in my own life. You are open to even use mines. I highly suggest that you also create and implement your own boundaries as well.

It is my job to make me happy.

For me, this boundary helps me to keep in mind at all times that I am responsible for my own happiness. Therefore, my husband is not in charge or has power over my happiness. I make sure that my happiness starts with Christ and then myself in order for me to have positive energy.

It is none of my business what people think of me.

People can drain you with he said and she said gossiping. I always remind folks that my ears are not a trash can. You are whatever you consume no matter if it is physically, mentally, or verbally. I choose to be conscious about taking on the thoughts that others may have towards or about me. Therefore, whatever someone may think of me is none of my business.

My time is valuable at all times.

You can be surprised about how quickly time can pass on by whenever you are out with anyone. Being selective about who has access to you and how often they have it is key to inner peace. It can be as simple as choosing whether or not you are going to answer a phone call or text messages from family, co-workers, friends, or exes. Value your time. Your time is precious.

It is okay to say no.

Say no even if your voice shakes. Say no without any hesitation. Say no without feeling guilty.

It is not healthy to pour from a half-empty cup.

Pouring from a half empty cup will not leave you fulfilled. Let whoever who wants whatever from you know your truth. You should not feel guilt-tripped into giving anyone money, a place to stay, a ride, a hot meal, or just a shoulder to lean or cry on. If you can not give something to someone willingly without still having something for yourself, do not do it. Think about yourself first. It is not selfish to think about your needs.

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