30 Self Care Activities for When You Are Short on Time

by Linda B Hurd, October 09, 2019

Time sometimes can feel as if it is not on your side. You can put off daily and even weekly. If you are a serious procrastinator then you can put off for months at a time. Pssst… no judgment from my corner of the universe. However, you can always try to squeeze in a simple self-care activity to uplift you. Do not overthink it. It should not require a lot of money nor effort to make yourself smile. 

I understand how we can become so selfless as women, daughters, mothers, and spouses. We still must carve out a little time to take our minds from the never-ending demands of life. Being that I am a wife and mother to a very active toddler I created a list of self-care activities that you too might find helpful. Are you intrigued to find out more?

1. Spend time in prayer.
2. Journal your emotions, day, and even thoughts
3. Make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea.
4. Color in an app or adult coloring book
5. Take a soothing bath or shower
6. Go for a walk
7. Listen to a podcast
8. Listen to an audible book
9. Give yourself a scalp massage 
10. Do a facial mask or skin treatment
11. Remove unwanted photos/videos from your phone.
12. Treat yourself to some flowers
13. Moisturize your feet and give yourself a foot massage 
14. Read a book
15. Take a power nap.
16. Practice gratitude.
17. Paint your nails or apply some press-ons
18. Have something sweet to snack on.
19. Read a devotional.
20. Play a game on your phone, tablet, iPad, or etc.
21. Declutter your closet(s)
22. Disinfect your phone and electronics.
23. Light a candle.
24. Play your favorite songs.
25. Create a few short-term goals for the following week.
26. Wash your face.
27. Go outside and get some fresh air.
28. Watch a motivational video on YouTube.
29. Write a letter to your past/future self.
30. Lay in bed with the door closed & enjoy your peace.

I hope you might have found this blog post helpful. Be sure to let me know because that was one of my goals. I want to encourage you to take some time to be in peace. 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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