Blogmas Day 7

"Are you getting your toes done today too?" The girl's nail tech asked with of her dark penciled on eyebrows raised.

"I rather do them myself." She said with a reassuring smile. Her nail tech applied a thin coating of light pink nail polish on her nails.

"Okay, no pressure. Just know I do some of the best pedicures in our area."
"I understand." She replied secretly thinking if she should add it to her bill before she left the nail shop.

She was me. A 26-year-old thoughtful and tad bit nervous lymphie girl. I have been doing my own toes since I was a little girl. Yes, I do think it would be nice to experience the pampering from a pedicure, someday. I do not know when I will be bold enough to soak my feet at a nail salon for a pedicure. I am still a little worried about how my experience will be.

There are many women with primary and secondary lymphedema who are nervous and afraid to get a pedicure in a salon. I will not let my fear hold me back all of my life from the experience. I have gotten so accustomed to doing my pedicures at home that sometimes going to the salon doesn't even run across my mind.

However, after not doing my own pedicure in about a month I am considering getting a professional one done. I may get my first salon pedicure before 2020 comes, but who knows? In the meantime, I do not feel bad about not getting a salon pedicure. I think that I do a good job on my pedicures myself.

Let me know if you get professional pedicures done? If you do how often? If you don't share your reason why with me too.

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