November Wrap-up | Blogmas 2019

in , , by Linda B Hurd, December 01, 2019
I am thankful that I made it to December 1, 2019. November had a field day with me. There were days last month that I was discouraged. I backed away from posting as much as I intended to on many of my social media platforms. 

I learned a great deal about accepting apologies from people that I never received. I forgave. I spoke over myself. I learned to be gentle with my thoughts towards myself. I no longer bully myself around because I may feel down. November 2019 taught me that I must put anything that is not bringing me any fulfillment.

I thought and wrote a lot about how I should be writing. When you envision yourself daily doing something that makes you happy then do it. I was taught last month that it’s okay to be hesitant, but do not be afraid to step up to any challenge. I spoke my mind and freed my thoughts without feeling guilty. I’m looking forward to making December another month of growth. 

There’s so much that I am excited about this month as well. The family holiday festivities, cooking, taking lots of photos and most importantly making priceless memories. This is currently finals week. I am determined to finish strong! We are kicking off blogmas 2019 with a bang. God’s love and tender mercies are keeping me strong. I hope you read and see what’s to come for my blogmas. 

Here are five of my favorite photos from the month of November!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to talk to you! 

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  1. Summing up the results of the month helps to understand what you have managed to do and what else you need to spend time in order to translate this into reality this month.