When you live with primary or secondary lymphedema keeping your legs elevated as much as possible is what helps with the swelling. Thanks to the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest I am no longer propping my swollen feet on top of pillows or against a wall in my home. My legs and feet are now properly elevated without experiencing any numbness.

Did you know that 90% of adults experience leg discomfort, venous problems, or lower back pain? If you would love to experience relaxation from standing for long periods of time, after having surgery, during pregnancy, if you travel frequently, or just want to experience comfort then you may benefit from having a lounge doctor.

How does a lounge doctor help?

Think about when you are sitting or standing. Gravity has a great impact on the venous blood flow in our legs. Our veins must go against gravity in order to get our blood flowing back to the heart. However, when our legs are elevated the opposite takes place. An increase venous flow back to the heart thanks to gravity and a much lower venous pressure happens.

The Science Behind The Lounge Doctor?

It’s so simple to use you may forget that you are elevating your feet! Okay, your legs need to be elevated above the level of the heart. This is crucial in order to lower the hydrostatic pressure in the capillaries. 

Having your legs elevated above the heart helps to reduce leg swelling. Next, your knees should be bent 25 degrees in order to not have any kinking of the popliteal vein against the tibia. Also, titling your thigh more than 40 degrees can result in kinking in the femoral vein. This is not an ordinary leg rest. 

The structural is to help provide your legs comfort at 40 degrees. Plus, by allowing the lower leg to rest at a 15-degree angle, the best and ideal blood flow is provided through the calf. Therefore, the service contours to the shape of the lower extremity which creates the ultimate comfort.

My Thoughts & Experience

When I first position myself upon my Lounge Doctor I felt comfortable. I was able to browse on the internet and watch television all from the comfort of my Lounge Doctor on my couch. Within 20-30 minutes I noticed the swelling in my feet and ankles decreasing. After using it for 3 days I enjoy being able to elevate my feet throughout the day from my sofa and even my bed. I also love the contoured and fully washable cover that comes off easily. Now, it looks a bit tall in person. 

I have my Lounge Doctor size medium and it is almost twelve inches in height. I also did not have a problem with the height. The contours of the pillow make it a gradual and natural incline. I also found the pillow itself is soft yet sturdy enough give to cradle my legs. Another pro is that it’s lightweight. I'm sure you can take it from the couch to the bed with ease.

Some may find it comfortable enough to fall asleep while using. I love using it after I have done a dry brushing session on my legs, feet, and ankles. MY husband now wants one for himself too! I guess we will play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets 10 more minutes on the Lounge Doctor to themselves tonight. 

Who would have thought that elevating your legs could be so comfortable? I recommend the Lounge Doctor to anyone who seeks relief and comfort from elevation.

How often do you elevate your legs during a week? 

Disclosure: I received one free Lounge Doctor Leg Rest to review on She's Found Strength. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed here are my own honest impressions of the product.

Interested in a Lounge Doctor Leg Rest? The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest can be purchased on their website, www.loungedoctor.com, and is available in a variety of sizes and widths to accommodate your needs. In addition to leg rests, the company offers other products like contour pillows and compression socks.

Please note that you should not use the leg rest if you have severe congestive heart failure or peripheral arterial disease, as those conditions may be exacerbated by elevating the legs

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